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Karen Walker SS09

Karen Walker makes some sick shades- hopefully you've picked up on that by now! But have you noticed the past few spring seasons her shows have also included some seriously adorable toppers for your head? The hats that made appearances on just a few of the white prairie dress looks in Spring '09 (above) were undoubtedly unique and awesome but the less exaggerated style of bucket hat Walker used in her 60s seaside Spring '10 collection (below) would get a lot more use I'm sure.

Karen Walker SS10

I've been on the lookout for this style of summery bucket hat for awhile now, and stoked to see the Walker hat available now at Creatures of Comfort. It's too bad I can't try it on in person since the store is on the west coast, but rumors that an NYC store could be in the works could change that by the end of the year!

pc: & Creatures of Comfort


Clare said...

Wow! I love this hat, it's a bit brilliant.

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Harley Wolf said...

those hats are effing amazing! need one..or 2

C.Chico said...

i totally love that kind of hat

Kelly Cambon said...

I love those hats! Yay, go Kiwi designersL Hehe. ALso, her shades are brilliant. I have helter skelter and i am just in love with it.

Anonymous said...

I've just fall in love with a hat