Air Fox Ones

Seeing customized sneakers like these really makes me wonder why I have so few in my closet these days. I mean there's so much you can do to make sneakers (or any type of shoe for that matter) unique, from the soles to the laces, but never did I think of this! Forget the LV foxtail ripoff of 2010...dress up some snow white AF1s. INSTANT SWAGGER!

customized by Ilil Tokyo


In my ongoing mission to suck the juiciest bits out of everything unique and inspiring that comes out of Japan, I discovered Balmung, a young label based in Tokyo. I actually had heard the name being tossed around years ago upon finding out about the Tokyo boutique Candy, where Balmung's designer Hachi used to act as buyer and director before starting his label (which is now sold there). That's him above outside the Banal Chic Bizzare show- if he looks familiar, it's cause he gets snapped quite a bit for streetstyle sites. His past few collections have revealed his penchant for oversized jersey and sheer paneled tops. The gray cocoon shapes that he created for this past fall season look like they might help you fly if you flapped your arms fast enough.

If you google Balmung now, you'll learn he just recently created custom pieces for Gagakoh, a collaborative performance with Lady Gaga and Terrance Koh that took place last week in Tokyo. Doing anything for Lady Gaga is a guaranteed business booster so hopefully we'll be seeing and hearing more about Balmung and maybe some US stockists will pick him up (PLEASE!).

Give me liberty

USA girl from People in London (ironically)

I never got into faux eyelashes but I'm pretty sure I'm going to attempt wearing these this 4th of July, bottlerocket in hand.

XXL hoops, what!? So difficult to wear, but so amazing (from DIS Magazine, found via Stop It Right Now)

It's a major bummer that the Esprit we know and loved and cherished in 80s America is not even close to what it once was. I mean look at these prints! (scan from Esprit's Graphic Work 1984-1986 via Lady Greyer)

Bring it on

I'm in super anticipation-of-summer mode. I ponder outfits when I can't sleep, but end up forgetting about a lot of them once they are weather appropriate. Last night I documented one way I might wear the slinky neon Jil Sander tank dress I picked up at their "secret" sample sale last week (I got a few other amazing pieces which I'll share soonish).

neon pink tank dress, Jil Sander; black mesh dress, Weekday; airplane charm purchased in LA; clear sunglasses, (old) F21; shoes, Comme des Garcons

If I had to set a direction for dressing myself in the warmer months, it'd be some sort of mish-mash of minimal/sporty/relaxed geometry. Of course you can see where the Jil Sander and CDG hex shoes play into that. On a related note, this editorial featuring an active Natasha Poly has some amazing moments.

The above image is from that March 2000 issue of NYLON I nabbed recently...which sorta fits into the minimal/sporty/relaxed geometry equation too. How amazing are those Margiela 3D-style sunglasses?? Yo someone at the house of Margiela, REMAKE THEM! I also really dig the hairdo/hat/black ribbon combo that's eerily similar to that look I found in Numero Tokyo last year. The black leather slip-ons are from Topshop and kinda create an outfit together with the picture (I'd just need some bottoms and something over the CK bra top!).

Thinking about this "direction" I'm loosely trying to achieve led me to revisit Zero + Maria Cornejo's Spring '08 and '09 collections and her ability to create perfectly modern, yet effortless shapes (peep that eye makeup!). Maybe I'll get lucky and find some cool pieces at the Zero + Maria Cornejo sample sale that starts tomorrow and goes through Friday. An email from the label promises archive samples from the past 10 years! Here's the deets: Wed, April 28, 10:30am-7pm, Thurs, April 29, 8am-7:30pm, Fri, April 30, 8am-3pm, Metropolitan Pavilion, Gallery Level, 123 W 18th St @ 6th Ave.

Miu mania


Here's more evidence of Laia's self-proclaimed CATSPRING 2010 and I guess some SWALLOWSUMMER for lack of a better word. I was checking out some of the new stuff on Zara's site when I came across not one, but TWO Miu Miu inspired prints: a cat dress and a swallow bodysuit. After all the mania surrounding this collection, I knew it would trickle down to this level in some form or another. It's nice to see they are't direct copies and I can imagine that bodysuit being a rad little layering option to have in your drawer this summer.

Russh May 2010;

In your face

I've been inspired by quite a few fashion eds floating around lately, some old some new. I need to get a decent inkjet printer to replace my broken hunk of epson junk so I can pin some of these stunners to my wall! Also, am I the only one who would like to see less pretty/straight off the runway and more scary/twisted/theatrical styling? Props to Vogue Russia for this first one below that was inspired by famous Russian ballets.

Vogue Russia, May 2010; The Room, Spring 2010; Dazed & Confused, March 2008


Comme des Garcons' Spring 09 range was dark, stiff, and totally mathematical with garments made of hexagonal shapes patchworked out of vinyl leather. I played soccer for 6 years when I was a teenager- never did I think I'd be swooning over non-athletic apparel that was inspired by the sport years later. Last week the hex oxfords from the collection popped up on ebay and now they will be mine! The shoes are made with loosely spun white felted wool encased in a clear plastic shell- so FUTURE. I can't wait to have these on my feet.

Happy 420

photo by Coen Peppelenbos

This image is from the Bernhard Willhelm & Jutta Kraus 10 year retrospective that just came down at Groninger Museum in the Netherlands. I wish I could have been there to see their amazing work contextualized with the elements of the childish grotesque world inside their heads. A sad face turned upside down when I found there's an accompanying book (488 pgs) that includes illustrations and an extensive overview of every collection the duo has produced in the last decade. It's already on its way (obviously I'm a big Willhelm fan!)...


I always get the urge to get all experimental with my eye makeup when the weather starts to get warmer. MAC and Make Up For Ever provide most of my color box, and the rest is up to whatever inspiration I hunt down in mags and on the internets.

I love the neon colors and the thin black strokes that remind me of a Kandinsky painting. (source)

The Luella Spring '10 graphic eye could be achieved with a bright cream shadow and a brush. One thing I need is a good primer to reduce the annoyance that is creasing.

I learned about Japanese magazine So-En from a fave blog of mine, Through a Glass Darkly, and so glad I did- the pictures are beautiful and inspiring. Having recently discovered how amazingly comprehensive Sephora's makeup line is, I know they even make glitter eyeliners if you want to copy this look which I think is subtle yet really cool.

Also spotted in So-En, I present you POLKA DOT eyes. Crazy I know, but eager to try since I'm a polka dot fanatic.

It's safe to say I'm in love with the black & white eyes at Junya Watanabe this season. They were a stunning compliment to the two-tone collection and a look I would not hesitate to copy myself.

Time to play

So on Thursday night, I rolled by the Oak party celebrating Salvor Project's makeover to the giant geometric sculpture that snakes through the store. I forgot to get a picture of it, but Zana was there to document the stunning installation and the cool kids that took over the store (also more pics on Oak's facebook). Me the amateur, on the other hand, forgot my camera so only snagged a few from my iphone!

My friend Missy collaborated with our friend Sonia, a skilled tarot reader and graphic designer, to come up with this epic design she had screened on her jacket. I might just it put on my denim jacket and be twins!

I've been to many a club and party in my life so "glow jewelry" is nothing new to my eyes, but seeing these bracelets worn outside of that setting and scene looked refreshing and new somehow?

Next up, we walked down to Stanton St. for the grand opening party for International Playground, a clothing store that specializes in a lot of up-and-comers from Scandinavia and New York.

They sell that matte polish by Knock Out Cosmetics that's been around the blog-o-verse for a minute.. they don't have too many stockists yet so good to know they carry it!

A little vain time, but honestly I liked their mirror! I'm wearing an AA hoodie, Jil sander/Uniqlo dress with a Weekday mesh dress over it, and Robert Clergerie boots.

This store has a living plant wall!! You must see this in beautiful. I wish I had one in my apartment.

This oversized ying yang Daniel Palillo top hung in the window to lure you into the store. There was quite a few pieces by Palillo, so excited to know I can try this stuff on in person now!

One step beyond

Finnish shoe label Finsk is ready to steal your heart again with these sculptural leather & wood wedge beasts, this time with a puncy dose of bright pink on the heel. A win for arty shoe lovers! They just arrived at Oak, but I don't see them hanging around very long judging from how quick the pony hair version lasted last year.

Watch it grow!

It must be plant week round here... The forest grayscale print tank I picked up when I was in Tokyo was just the beginning! Plants plants plants.

I'm so into this plant photoprint mesh/jersey wrap dress from the cool kids at FFixxed...I loved this whole collection really (get it at Children of Vision).

Terry Richardson posted this epic vase on his tumblr; not sure if he owns it but wouldn't put it past him! The "shiva vase" was designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1973 and you can get it here.

I'm so pissed at myself for forgetting to drop by Marios Left Tanker when I was in Tokyo. I would have surely picked up one of these flower print pieces from Marios' spring collection...too amazing for words.

I could use some $900 leather underwear

I mean they're shorts and hot at that (by Margiela if you're wondering), but at what length does a short stop being a short? What's more crazy, the price or the butt cleavage you'd be exposing to the world? If I had this girl's legs/tiny behind and these were at least 90% cheaper, MAYBE I'd consider.

images via Ssense

In the year 2000

Marni Spring '00

Yohji Spring '00

Calvin Klein Spring '00

Dries Van Noten Spring '00

Now that we're in a new decade and all, I'm finding myself looking at turn of the century fashion more than ever. I've been gravitating lately towards what was going down the runways around Spring '00- you probably heard the words "minimalism" and "fresh" tossed around in show reviews that season enough to make your ears bleed. I just found a March 2000 issue of NYLON on ebay (bottom left) promising 100+ pages of Spring 2000 fashion from the catwalks and streets, so I look forward to revisiting that year further when it comes in the mail. Hopefully I find some goodies to scan for you dweebs! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for this other issue from '00 with a twenty-something Amber Valletta on the cover, so if you have it and don't mind parting with it, let me know!

Where to spend your tax refund

There's all sorts of fashy-related stuff in NYC this week... in case your tax refund money was burning a hole in your pocket! Starting off at Oak's Bond St. store tomorrow night from 7-9pm, Salvor Projects Ross Menuez will be unveiling a special installation....don't know much more than that but Salvor rules and free drinks are nice too!

Then this weekend, Love Brigade is joining forces with many of their designer friends for a multi-designer sample sale! Participating designers include the likes of Laura Dawson and Institute of Dress with items marked down to 40%-75% off retail prices. The sale will take place on Saturday & Sunday, from 12pm-8pm at Love Brigade, 230 Grand Street in Williamsburg (L to Bedford Ave).

Also going down Sunday is a jewelry sale at Soho's Woon Salon featuring pieces from the amazingness that is Aesa and Allforthemountain (gimme that meteorite ring!). There will also be swimsuits from Mara Hoffman and nice-smelling natural perfumes by Perfumera Curandera at the sale.

Rounding out the shopping madness this Sunday from 1-4pm is a joint sale with NY designers Noble Youth and Victorialand. Expect great dresses from Noble Youth, and unique shirtings from Victorialand. This takes place at my friend's apartment so you'll probably see me lurking about! (L to Grand St and it's at 750 Grand St, Apt 4G)