I always get the urge to get all experimental with my eye makeup when the weather starts to get warmer. MAC and Make Up For Ever provide most of my color box, and the rest is up to whatever inspiration I hunt down in mags and on the internets.

I love the neon colors and the thin black strokes that remind me of a Kandinsky painting. (source)

The Luella Spring '10 graphic eye could be achieved with a bright cream shadow and a brush. One thing I need is a good primer to reduce the annoyance that is creasing.

I learned about Japanese magazine So-En from a fave blog of mine, Through a Glass Darkly, and so glad I did- the pictures are beautiful and inspiring. Having recently discovered how amazingly comprehensive Sephora's makeup line is, I know they even make glitter eyeliners if you want to copy this look which I think is subtle yet really cool.

Also spotted in So-En, I present you POLKA DOT eyes. Crazy I know, but eager to try since I'm a polka dot fanatic.

It's safe to say I'm in love with the black & white eyes at Junya Watanabe this season. They were a stunning compliment to the two-tone collection and a look I would not hesitate to copy myself.


Six Six Sick said...

These looks are awesome, but I would probably fuck them all up, I'm terrible with make-up. Anyway, it was great to see you at the international playground party, you should come out this Friday to Webster, Hot Chip and the Juan McLean will be DJing!

Amanda said...

i just bought the urban decay "eyeshadow primer potion" i heard works good to hold the color in place (particularly cream shadows) so fingers crossed i make something of it! i can't come friday as it's my boyfriend's birthday so we're gettin into some stuff!

Tina Lovely said...

i want this pink hat so much!

Helen said...

Wow, these are all tremendeously good! And that's coming from a very much non-make up person. The first one is just amazing, you're right with the Kandinsky-reference, even though it also scream "sci-fi" to me. Love it.

Amanda said...

same helen- i don't do well with traiditional techniques like smokey eyes and such so i have to go for more graphic/simplified looks.. glad u dig em!

Ally said...

Thanks for the shout out! These are all beautiful, I'm pretty crap at/bored by standard make-up too, these look much more fun!

WendyB said...

I love all of these!

KATLIN said...

too bad for my deep set asian eyes -- everything creases and ends up fucked up

FABIANA F said...

I want PINK hair!!!!!

But I will never have courage enough to do it.

Fabiana F