I could use some $900 leather underwear

I mean they're shorts and hot at that (by Margiela if you're wondering), but at what length does a short stop being a short? What's more crazy, the price or the butt cleavage you'd be exposing to the world? If I had this girl's legs/tiny behind and these were at least 90% cheaper, MAYBE I'd consider.

images via Ssense


laia. said...

nothing you cant find at a stripper store dude!

Amanda said...

trust me i know!! was gonna state that but pretty obvious- part of the ridiculousness of the price

joy said...

What about making them?

Joy D.

Misanthropic Pulp said...

I don't think they're anything special, I mean yeah, sure if I looked like Abbey Lee, then maybe, maybe...but overall I think there are much better things you can get for less.


laia. said...

ps. if the butt is hanging out then it's not a short anymore, it's boy-cut underwear and therefore not appropriate for city consumption.

girls dont seem to know this, though, and i've already see super gross buttcheeks walking down broadway.

Amanda said...

ditto laia... more posting these out of shock. even the skinniest girl could look skanky walking down the street in these

F.M. said...

for stage only. oh the lucky GaGa's of the world! ;)

Fashion By He said...

awesome find...love the blog

want to link exchange??

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


WendyB said...

Maybe it was never meant to be worn out of bed?