In the year 2000

Marni Spring '00

Yohji Spring '00

Calvin Klein Spring '00

Dries Van Noten Spring '00

Now that we're in a new decade and all, I'm finding myself looking at turn of the century fashion more than ever. I've been gravitating lately towards what was going down the runways around Spring '00- you probably heard the words "minimalism" and "fresh" tossed around in show reviews that season enough to make your ears bleed. I just found a March 2000 issue of NYLON on ebay (bottom left) promising 100+ pages of Spring 2000 fashion from the catwalks and streets, so I look forward to revisiting that year further when it comes in the mail. Hopefully I find some goodies to scan for you dweebs! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for this other issue from '00 with a twenty-something Amber Valletta on the cover, so if you have it and don't mind parting with it, let me know!


laia. said...

god, early 00's NYLON was so so so good.i still have all my issues.

Amanda said...

me too, but since i didn't discover the magazine till '01, i have zero issues from 99/00 so trying to fill the gaps! recently got rid of most issues after '03 (when it started being less awesome) except for a few between then and now that were worth keeping

Ally said...

I'm really loving the early 00s now too. Would love to see more from your Nylon collection! A few months ago I bought some of those big fashion collection mags (can't remember the actual name) on ebay from 1995-2004ish, I definitely need to look through them again, there were some great things going on.