Miu mania


Here's more evidence of Laia's self-proclaimed CATSPRING 2010 and I guess some SWALLOWSUMMER for lack of a better word. I was checking out some of the new stuff on Zara's site when I came across not one, but TWO Miu Miu inspired prints: a cat dress and a swallow bodysuit. After all the mania surrounding this collection, I knew it would trickle down to this level in some form or another. It's nice to see they are't direct copies and I can imagine that bodysuit being a rad little layering option to have in your drawer this summer.

Russh May 2010; style.com


HAL said...

Cute! I agree that it's a pretty classy duplication; not a tacky, blatant ripoff i.e. Steve Madden.


laia. said...

that catprint needs a closer look for sure.

Six Six Sick said...

I saw the swallow print turn up on a dress in the window of one of those Korean boutiques on 9th St...but the body suit is cooler.


etoilee8 said...

I knew it was only a matter of time before the cat print turned up everywhere.

Tiger Finger said...

hihi, I remember you have another blog full of whimsical images cold you please show me the link? I love that one!

Amanda said...

hi tiger finger! i think you mean my tumblr here: