Take me to another land

How it took me so long to point out part two of Giles Deacon's handbag genius (part 1 being the triceratops bag of Spring '10) is beside me. Not that a month and some change is "so long" but in blog world, it might as well be! So allow me to highlight these giant googly-eyed fur bags that walked the Fall '10 runway in the hands of two lucky models. I can just imagine my face being the human carbon copy (minus the fur) had I witnessed these creatures in person. Let's see how many ghetto DIYs come of this courtesy of Joanne fabrics and some glue.

I can't pretend the bags were the only interesting part of Giles' show. Continuing his cartoon-ising of fashion were the cloud dresses. The beauty of them all was this golden number- how bout I wear this to the next wedding I'm invited to and outSHINE the bride??


A La Mode said...

I knew you would love these! So awesome! xxx

HAL said...

Pretty cute, and the bag the model is wearing in the yellow dress photo is pretty spectacular also.