Time to play

So on Thursday night, I rolled by the Oak party celebrating Salvor Project's makeover to the giant geometric sculpture that snakes through the store. I forgot to get a picture of it, but Zana was there to document the stunning installation and the cool kids that took over the store (also more pics on Oak's facebook). Me the amateur, on the other hand, forgot my camera so only snagged a few from my iphone!

My friend Missy collaborated with our friend Sonia, a skilled tarot reader and graphic designer, to come up with this epic design she had screened on her jacket. I might just it put on my denim jacket and be twins!

I've been to many a club and party in my life so "glow jewelry" is nothing new to my eyes, but seeing these bracelets worn outside of that setting and scene looked refreshing and new somehow?

Next up, we walked down to Stanton St. for the grand opening party for International Playground, a clothing store that specializes in a lot of up-and-comers from Scandinavia and New York.

They sell that matte polish by Knock Out Cosmetics that's been around the blog-o-verse for a minute.. they don't have too many stockists yet so good to know they carry it!

A little vain time, but honestly I liked their mirror! I'm wearing an AA hoodie, Jil sander/Uniqlo dress with a Weekday mesh dress over it, and Robert Clergerie boots.

This store has a living plant wall!! You must see this in person..so beautiful. I wish I had one in my apartment.

This oversized ying yang Daniel Palillo top hung in the window to lure you into the store. There was quite a few pieces by Palillo, so excited to know I can try this stuff on in person now!


dirtyflaws said...

you look so cute x

goodbyestockholm said...

I crave that weekday mesh dress so much! Love the way u wear it!


great boots!

Sarah A. said...

a. i love your outfit and b. if youre thinking of going for matte nail polish, you should just get the matte finish that essie makes. you can put it over any color and it makes it matte - and it actually works really well as a top coat.

Lindsay said...


xxxxxxx said...

Epic outfit - doesn't matter it's blurry.
- Cecilie.E // www.highlydazed.com