Split decisions

Just when you thought everything's already been done. NOPE. Japanese brand Facetasm (who I wrote/obsessed about last summer and just discovered is available at Antwerp's RA) has come up with these unisex "big & slim" jeans, if you just can't decide what fit you feel like wearing! I actually think they are pretty rad, dual personality and all, but there's no doubt a lot of people would disagree with me!

Seven sale

Goody, goody gumdrops! From now until Monday, Seven New York will take 25% to 35% off most lines in store as a thank you to their friends and family. Sorry, the discounts do not apply online kids.

Clearly, you weren't listening

I have and probably always will have a penchant for clear furniture and interior objects. Luckily I have Muji nearby to supply me with all the clear acryclic storage and decorating solutions I could ask for. I recently picked up some of their picture frames, currently framing one of the Spring '10 Comme des Garcons Shirt ads, and a box for my growing sunglasses collection. Muji is also a great place to get travel size containers for all your bathroom and makeup stuff, which I know can be a pain to find sometimes!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Who's ready for summer? I'm breaking in my ankles as we speak- case in point, I woke up this morning with my sock stuck to a blister scab. I never hated taking a sock off so much in my life.

1. Adieu t-shirt
2. Saskia Diez colored wood bead hair ties
3. Ksubi jeans I scored at their in-store sale last week
4. Bless heaven & hell purse
5. Bruno Pieters SS10 clear jelly/ice chunk sandals
6. Von Sono oversized silk jumpsuit
7. Ceramic ice cream cone lights
8. Eyelet bumbag from Topshop

Float on

Here's the highlight for me of the latest issue of Fruits. I've never seen a look quite like the one this girl is OWNING. She's almost like a ghost floating through the streets with all those layers of white and beige. I'm making a mental note to look out for gigando hoop earrings (not quite this big though) and flesh tone mesh pant/leggings.

Behind blue eyes

"Every 20 minutes, look away from your computer for 20 seconds." That was my eye doctor's advice last visit cause he could see my poor eyes worked too hard from day to day. I live in contacts even though I know I should trade them out with glasses every so often. So I picked up a new pair of frames at the Mikli sample sale this week and I think they are pretty cool- classic yet a little quirky. I'm refraining from showing you a pic of them on me until I get the prescription lenses and decide that they're a keeper. Freja looks good in 'em though!

You stepped on the flowers

Pretty cool AA! To think you came from jersey t-shirts to this is pretty major. I'm not quick to be sold on floral prints, but 3D flowers I can run my fingers across all day...easily amused.

Bless Nº40

As with all Bless collections of which I wholeheartedly am a cheerleader for, Bless's autumn range shows how form and function can work together to suggest new solutions for living your life amongst the adjusting climate and world. The Bless team notes that this collection, entitled Whatwasitagain, reflects "the nonchalance of the clothing within so many other exciting things that go on." The pieces are distilled to a core utilitarian purpose, and in this case, to keep you super cozy! Puffy vests come with built-in scarves, as do pants that tie at the ankle vs. the neck, sleeves that form their own outerwear, and a trenchcoat that can be stored in two halves inside boxing gloves. The classic Eram sock boots also make a reappearance in two salt & pepper shades!

During the Nº40 presentation, models punched the "workoutcomputer", which was Bless's idea of balancing mental and physical fatigue in the everyday office setting. One punch for a dot, a kick for a question mark...writing emails would suddenly be more of a workout then running on the treadmill!

Only time will tell

I was always envious of Tania's icon watch and considered getting one for myself too for the longest time. However, I've been itching lately to find a white watch that's very simplified and modern. I like the white one from Swatch's color codes collection, but I stopped into the Moma store the other day to look around and my eye went right to this hexagon watch by & design (same folks who did the icon watch). I don't know what it is about six-sided shapes in my life lately!

In the night time we are found

A little bit of last minute news I learned over the weekend, but pleased to hear nonetheless: Meadham Kirchhoff, the London-based duo behind one of my fave overall ranges for spring has collaborated with Topshop for an 18-piece collection that debuts this Thursday in store and online. While I was disappointed there are no cheap versions of that stiff glitter t-shirt, the designers did give us glitter polka dots that cover sheer and jersey pieces, some overlapped with gauze, lace and little lakes of paillettes. I love the deconstructed beauty of the dresses and I'm impressed at how well the whole collab stays true to their aesthetic and their darkly romantic spring '10 offerings. Job well done Kirchhoff + Topshop!

The devil's doorway

I have so many t-shirts I forget about and then "rediscover" during hasty pull-an-outfit together sessions when I reach my hand all the way in the bottom of my drawer and wear whatever I find. I think when Uniqlo first opened in NYC a few years ago, I was buying their t-shirts left and right because they're only $15 and I couldn't resist some of the designs. So I've accumulated quite a few by now, like this one with a cluster of illustrated ghouls and goblins I wore on Friday night. I love wearing clashing prints of the same color so I paired it with this vintage word print skirt I got from Dog in Tokyo. It's awesomely tacky with words like "power", "diva", "strong", and "gentle" (??). It's gotta be from the 80s! The jacket is a knockoff Rick Owens I randomly stumbled across on ebay a while ago- it's pretty legit until you feel it!

t-shirt, Uniqlo; skirt, vintage from Dog; jacket, knockoff Rick Owens; boots, Robert Clergerie; ring, Surface2Air; evil eye necklace, gift from grandmother

100% viva service

I might be all over Japan like free booze at an art opening, but Korea has had my attention as of late too with shops like Daily Projects, and streetstyle blogs like Your Boyhood and Cracker Your Wardrobe just to name a few. Now I can add viva.H to that list, a label based in Seoul started by Han Young Seo and Han Jeong Lee. The duo seems to favor longer lengths and relaxed fits and has done some really cool takes on basics, like a sweatshirt with a clear plastic outer layer (mindblowing). There's so much in their shop I love so hopefully I can figure out how to order some of this stuff one day!

The eyes are the windows of your face

Andrew Kuo's tees for Opening Ceremony, still from Christopher Walken's Googly Eyes Gardener skit from SNL, BackMan backpack

Everyone likes to stare these days and there's nothing you can do about it but stare back (or wave, that can be fun). What do people think about when they look at you? Look into their eyes and you'll probably get an idea...unless they are a plant as Christopher Walken explains.

Flavor flavaful

The streetstyle blogs were boring me for awhile, but I finally managed to find a few kids that have inspired me to pull stuff out of the back of my closet! Things that currently make me smile: oversized shapes, cartoons, clashing, monotone, the best of the 80s, the worst of the 90s, big letters, photo prints, translucent materials, polka dots....and the list goes on.

top, Scrapsnap; bottom, Street Peeper

The sky is wide

I was checking out some of the RAFW coverage when I stopped on these REDONK shades from the Fernando Frisoni show. OMFG to the fullest. Where can I get mine??

Nu shooz

Here's some of my latest shoe friends, all a bit clowny, but you know "practical" cause they are flat. The clear converse were haunting my dreams after seeing them in Crayon Lee's wardrobe on Style Like U. I am debating whether to get Boris to add a platform to these and the polka dot espadrilles I picked up from Zara. The orange calf hair booties were my reward for giving in and stopping by the Zero + Maria Cornejo sample sale a few weeks back- finding these glorified slippers was well worth the mad dash on my lunch break!

Plastic Baskets

Walking alone on a windy day, my eye fixates on a single plastic grocery bag fluttering above the street. I realize I'm having a moment parallel with that scene in American Beauty where the bag gets caught in a wind tunnel, swirling about in the air with a pile of leaves, like "a little kid begging me to play with it." NY-based Josh Blackwell also sees the beauty in these everyday mass-produced disposable objects, using the bags as canvases to apply delicate embroidery in simple patterns. Like a wise someone once said, "one man's trash is another man's treasure." I want to not only admire these creations in person, but would love to have one to carry around myself!