All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Who's ready for summer? I'm breaking in my ankles as we speak- case in point, I woke up this morning with my sock stuck to a blister scab. I never hated taking a sock off so much in my life.

1. Adieu t-shirt
2. Saskia Diez colored wood bead hair ties
3. Ksubi jeans I scored at their in-store sale last week
4. Bless heaven & hell purse
5. Bruno Pieters SS10 clear jelly/ice chunk sandals
6. Von Sono oversized silk jumpsuit
7. Ceramic ice cream cone lights
8. Eyelet bumbag from Topshop


Hal said...

Oh god, I want everything here. Where can I get my hands on a pair of the Bruno Pieters sandals? So amazing.

I'm still on the hunt for those Charles Anastase dungeon boots ... obviously I'm SOL on that one.

As for the Margiela bag, I got mine on eBay and I've seen others pop up there from time to time. Save "margiela bag" to your searches and I'm sure you'll see one listed within a couple of weeks. xo

GlorijaYorke said...

those sandals are cool <3

Tina Lovely said...

the ice cream cone lights are bad ass

Amanda said...

hallie, it shows you how much of an ebay pro i am: already have the rss feed for "margiela bag" on my reader!

trust me, i'm looking for the bruno pieters sandals too, if they even went into production..

A La Mode said...

Wow those ceramic ice cream lights are beyond awesome.

noirohio vintage said...

uh, those ice cream lights are too good.

g said...

i do need that bumbag too.

Passport Smiles said...

I'm really wanting those ceramic ice cream cone lights. So creative.