Float on

Here's the highlight for me of the latest issue of Fruits. I've never seen a look quite like the one this girl is OWNING. She's almost like a ghost floating through the streets with all those layers of white and beige. I'm making a mental note to look out for gigando hoop earrings (not quite this big though) and flesh tone mesh pant/leggings.


Evelina said...

i'm not one usually inspired by street snaps (they're more like just entertainment for me), but this outfit is seriously.. awesome, insane, awesomely insane! i even did a post on it (but kind of got annoyed with the way i wrote it and deleted it haha). one of the street snap sites' photographers photographed her as well, so i can send you the links if you want them- there's some good pictures of the details :)

Hal said...

Dude try Yoox for the bag! I swear I've seen it there in pink or gray instead of teal. I only paid like $100 for mine and it's great.


Ally said...

This is brilliant. I haven't been impressed by street style lately either, but this is so very good.