May 03, 2010

Follow that girl

Each season, Sweden's Weekday gives us both a well-styled lookbook (ADORED this season's), and later more of a lifestyle editorial, showing young people partaking in general mischief in the clothes. For springtime, they worked in a chola lip, side cornrows, and giant wooden crosses on chains. I especially like the long trench over the oversized tee. Overall, the looks are quite rough-and-tumble for the usual clean palette Sweden favors, but I get what they're going for so it's not a hard sell. Maybe the stylists dug up old episodes of My So Called Life and fawned over one of tv's best ever bad girls, Rayanne?


HAL said...

I'm so blown away by everything about this.

g said...

very nice!!

Ally said...

love weekday as usual, they can do no wrong it seems