What have you done for me lately

Sorry dudes- not much stuff of "substance" to blog about lately, so instead here's some shitty iPhone pics of recent times. Once I'm moved and settled into my new apartment, I'll be back on the chain gang!

1. Installation at Inven.tory
2. Amazing triangle table & crystal ball situation at Vena Cava's showroom
3. Pants full of vegetables, spotted at Pies 'n' Thighs
4. Vena Cava shirt, shorts by Wendy Yao of Ooga Booga
5. Mural in Financial District
6. Dreadhawk
7. 24 hour bikeshop vending machine...complete with Cup Noodles
8. "Dick Chicken" is to "Pussy Ham" as "Scrubs" is to "Pigeons"
9. Purple Shiseido is ace
10. Huge Westwood tote

Shoes for lost angels

A little birdie gave me a tip about an Irregular Choice sample sale happening tomorrow in LA. Westcoasters in need of shoes...GO!

Wear it out

My summer top drawer is pissing me off, so I'm attempting to fix that, and I found these shirts by Dimepiece I just ordered. I'm not into the typical "girl streetwear brand" mold, but I'm happy to see a lot of those brands are tossing cliches out the door, and doing what they want...although you'll still see plenty of fempowerment graphics like "Ain't no wifey" and "You're gonna get yours," NOT that I'm anti-speaking your mind, cause clearly I got the hots for Satan.

Eat it

Dropsnap™ is now Droptokyo™ and they recently got a little makeover too. I'm kinda freakin out over this chick's steez: Jeremy Scott tee, CDG red body piece, Demeulemeester shoes, Margiela bag, and whatever that square bangle is, I NEED IT. Pureness.


Damn, so fall is already dropping into stores. I'm keeping my eye out for the Jil Sander boots for sure, but how'd I miss these Viktor and Rolf monsters?? Those SOLES touch my soul ya'll.

Viktor and Rolf FW10 + world's biggest monster truck

Young Mariacarla

Mariacarla Boscono: I never get tired of her severe Italian face. She is one of the most intriguing, hardest-working models these days, and I recently came across some images from the earlier part of her career (around '99-'02) I just had to share. I LOVED what she was doing with her hair back then- that whole blunt, edgy thing that a lot of girls were doing but it looked so natural on Mariacarla.

Another way around it

Alexander Wang skirt, SS10

Proenza and Wang both did it this season: the skirt or dress made to look like a shirt is tied around your waist. I actually started doing this before it popped up on Spring '10 catwalks, but after seeing the Wang shirt skirt (above), I went out and got a cheap gray button down from Uniqlo so I could rock this look some more. If you're buying a button up shirt for the main goal of wearing it as a skirt like this, definitely size up, or it won't fit around your waist!

shirt, Andrew Kuo for Opening Ceremony; shirt as skirt, Uniqlo; pants, Cheap Monday; shoes, Weekday; sunglasses, Ebay; bag, Issey Miyake


I took a look at a few of the Resort '11 collections, and at the end of the alphabet, Zero + Maria Cornejo brought the fireworks. I'm always a fan of her silhouettes, but am blown away by the endless fresh ideas she has for prints and color. These two dresses have a sort of tribal meets Roy Lichtenstein vibe I'm really feeling, especially the way the loudness is balanced out with solid black. Then there's the accessories and shoes... I mean they are always on point and I want em all!

Viva Vena Cava

The Vena Cava ladies RULE...seriously some of favorite local chicks doing their thing and ruling at it. They have this online garage sale going on till the end of the month selling amongst their own designs a Pakistani sword, romance novels, a 1960 egg yolk phone, nunchucks, and other randomness you'll at least get a laugh out of if it doesn't make you open your wallet. And now I find out next week they are having a sample sale in Soho- get it while it's hot!


So I've been casually looking for a certain type of bag for awhile now- like specifically one that I can easily wear on my bike (adjustable shoulder strap) and on the street, AND perhaps big enough to adapt to most "scenarios." There's no doubt I got a handle on the tote bag collection, most of which I have not bought (freebies!) except a Weedeater one I got at their show. A lot of these bags by Macromauro I saw at a Japanese online store called Wallace & Murron would be most IDEAL. Now if only I could figure out how to order anything from there...that's always the case.

I only want to see beautiful things

Life just threw a curveball at me. It's time to stop, look around, and smell the roses.

Galeria Mercado

I was happy to get an email recently that introduced me to a small label I probably never would have found on my own. Based in Brazil, Galeria Mercado was born only a couple years ago by Daniela Goulart and Josana Matedi. They make clothes and accessories that showcase the vibrant connection to the culture, music, and experiences that make up their lives, like the 2010 Juu collection which was inspired by African culture. I love all the prints and the oversized totes are simply amazing. Unfortunately, they don't have a webshop, but you can email them to inquire about orders!