June 16, 2010

Another way around it

Alexander Wang skirt, SS10

Proenza and Wang both did it this season: the skirt or dress made to look like a shirt is tied around your waist. I actually started doing this before it popped up on Spring '10 catwalks, but after seeing the Wang shirt skirt (above), I went out and got a cheap gray button down from Uniqlo so I could rock this look some more. If you're buying a button up shirt for the main goal of wearing it as a skirt like this, definitely size up, or it won't fit around your waist!

shirt, Andrew Kuo for Opening Ceremony; shirt as skirt, Uniqlo; pants, Cheap Monday; shoes, Weekday; sunglasses, Ebay; bag, Issey Miyake


amythewolf said...

youre fuckin rad

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

i kind of hate how they commercialize this look that a lot of people have been doing for a while. it takes the fun out of doing it. good looks lady!

Madeline and Sophie said...

I wore that to school!!!! Although I was a bit ostracized by my peers, I liked it.

kazucopy said...

good job! :)

t. said...

don't forget ann-sofie back!