Viva Vena Cava

The Vena Cava ladies RULE...seriously some of favorite local chicks doing their thing and ruling at it. They have this online garage sale going on till the end of the month selling amongst their own designs a Pakistani sword, romance novels, a 1960 egg yolk phone, nunchucks, and other randomness you'll at least get a laugh out of if it doesn't make you open your wallet. And now I find out next week they are having a sample sale in Soho- get it while it's hot!


joy said...

I really wish I could get up there. I loved their resort collection.


vv said...

i really like your blog
great post!



jssckr said...

Is the VENA CAVA portal garage sale only available to New Yorkers?



Amanda said...

Jess- the garage sale i believe is for everyone cause it's online, but the sample sale is in NYC!

Emily said...

Thanks so much for the info! I'm def there!!