What have you done for me lately

Sorry dudes- not much stuff of "substance" to blog about lately, so instead here's some shitty iPhone pics of recent times. Once I'm moved and settled into my new apartment, I'll be back on the chain gang!

1. Installation at Inven.tory
2. Amazing triangle table & crystal ball situation at Vena Cava's showroom
3. Pants full of vegetables, spotted at Pies 'n' Thighs
4. Vena Cava shirt, shorts by Wendy Yao of Ooga Booga
5. Mural in Financial District
6. Dreadhawk
7. 24 hour bikeshop vending machine...complete with Cup Noodles
8. "Dick Chicken" is to "Pussy Ham" as "Scrubs" is to "Pigeons"
9. Purple Shiseido is ace
10. Huge Westwood tote


amythewolf said...

i love you in that vena cava shirt and the ooga booga shorts. you look freakin 'mazin, ma. haha, i love posts like this.

Alice said...

great blog! those shorts are awesome.


etoilee8 said...

It would seem the summer slump is hitting us all. Posting on the blog doesn't come easy to me these days.

Janice said...

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