Inhale some of this fresh air! These netted/texture combos are killing me. I'm mad jealz of that girl's shorts, which are likely vintage (I spotted her on this new NYC-centric streetstyle site called Swagger), but the sweater is from Acne, and pretty sweet as well.

It's not that complex

Apologies for not giving you guys an earlier heads up, but right this very minute lasting until the end of the day, Complexgeometries is giving you 40% anything in their webshop by just entering the code "onedaysale" at checkout. Run and get yourself some fly new cotton gear!

Nail queen

Life goal #126: start doing my nails more "creatively." With the resurgence of the nail polish industry over the past few years (I mean there's even "in" shades every season now), we have enough options to make our own homemade masterpieces. Of course there's the bananas Japanese nail art that tends to be about gluing adornments and jewels to your nails so they look like candy, but in terms of pure stunning 2D design, a name you need to know is Sophy Robson. Now one of London's hottest manicurists, Sophy started making a name for herself booking manicurist gigs for shoots. Now with her own agent, Sophy nabs fashion shows and big campaigns left and right and even has her own nail boutique. I dug around and found some of the sweetest designs she's done over the past few years (some of the photos don't do the level of detail justice, but you get the idea).

Sophy's Giles-inspired manicure

Oily chromed-out nails for McQueen's Spring '10 show

Burnt nails for Dazed & Confused

Gareth Pugh black & white nails, Spring 2008

Sophy's rainbow manicure

Acronym nails for House of Holland's Fall '10 show (CTFO=Chill the fuck out)

Hannah Holman's smiley nails done for British Vogue

Marimekko nails for Japanese Vogue

Luxury nail art for Elle Collections

images via Sophy's site + google images


I seek things of mass, triple chocolate chunk, the loud and obnoxious, nuggets of "wisdom", your face making me smile. Honestly, I have no idea what I'm saying right now, but summer has me on another level.

1. Massive rope platforms by Danish, Berlin-based designer Julie Eilenberger (check out her rad blog)
2. Amazing oldschool raver 'dos- mine never looked this cool!
3. Issey Miyake bag on ebay... reminds me of egg crates and boobs
4. Coated brass diamond ring by Margiela's MM6 line, at Stand Up Comedy
5. Doin hoodrat stuff with an epic bart backpack

Where are we going?

Shopping alert [sound alarm]! Starting this Friday and going through Monday the 26th, LES boutique Assembly will be hosting an off-site sample sale at Everybodys Going To Heaven with some of the raddest independent designers in NY. How can you not be stoked on this talented line-up: Aesa, Arielle de Pinto, Assembly New York, Ideeën, Risto, Salvor Projects, Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Tom Scott and maybe more?

Speaking of Tom Scott, it's been a minute since I've checked on this knitwear guru, only recently riding past his store at night, smiling at the upside-down branded neon sign in the window. So I took a look at the new Fall '10 lookbook (shot on location at Beauty Bar) and am totally sold! The styling and models couldn't have been better, and the whole relaxed vibe of this collection is totally perfect for fall. Tom is definitely exploring new territory with some of the knit accessories, which could have easily looked too homemade crafty, but instead look smart and innovative. Oh and I'll likely be attempting the bobby pin arch effect myself from the last photo!

Chill, I got my umbrella

Courtney summons the gods of lightning for Vanidad in this too-hot-for-words sheer catsuit by Risto Bimbiloski. If anyone comes across it, please point me in its direction. I'm doin a rain dance!

Red light, green light

Jil Sander traffic light red bag and Proenza Schouler green open-back boots

Man there are some REALLY good accessories coming out for fall- like stuff I could bear to look at for [gasp] seasons to come. Two of my top wish-listed items are chosen not just for aesthetics, but for practicality being that I'm a "New Yorker" who is always running or biking from one place to the next...both of which I could do with a bigger smile on my face with these babies.

Time to go

I dream of owning a Zucca watch one day. For those not familiar, Zucca (the Japanese clothing label designed by Akira Onozuka) started making watches under the name CABANE de ZUCCa in 1996 with reputable watch company Seiko. I recently went digging through their archives to pick out my favorites which was not an easy task! If you appreciate good branding and clever design, I definitely recommend checking out all the fantastic packaging too, which is pictured on the site with each watch.

I gotta say the alligator watch from the '98 Safari Zoo collection trumps them all!

Fuzzy logic

In my dream closet, this Margiela oversized sheepskin clutch would be sitting on the shelf already, awaiting heavy use come fall. But I emphasize "dream" as spending $1,115 on any clutch is just not in the cards for me. Does anyone else have visions of the Snuggle bear?

images via La Garconne

Handheld party

An accidental trip to the Virtual Shoe Museum led me to these insane Game Boy platforms that Helen Red Richards designed for Nintendo's 2001 Style Campaign. The $2000 shoes with removable color-coordinated Game Boys (apparently you could buy these??) were described by Nintendo as being for the "club kids with attention deficit disorder." I can picture the scenario going something like this: [club kid 1] "This DJ sucks man!" [club kid 2] "I don't feel these pills working yet." [club kid 3] "Wanna play my Game Boys? I have two :)"

Juvenile Hall Rollcall

The name of this Japanese label kind of says it all. You got a bit of delinquent in you that you don't care to shake off anytime soon? Let these clothes do some of the talking..maybe it will help keep you out of trouble. Bones, studs, denim, plaid, SHARKS. Geeze, it might all sound cliché but it's completely fresh and I'm so into it for fall!

images via Change Fashion

Go big

1. $1.99 laundry/grocery/everyday polka dot bag from Ikea, will you be mine?
2. Upon seeing this girl's little big prehistoric guy on a cute chunk of thigh, I now want a dinosaur tattoo.
3. Dreamy, denim print silk dress by Tata Naka...it's on Luisaviaroma, of course it's not cheap.


One of my favorite metropolises in the world, Berlin, hosts their Spring 2011 shows this week and I've been coming across all kinds of sweet events and parties you should not miss if you are in the German capital.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

1. Daniel Palillo ying-yang bike shorts...I could so see these on the In Living Color fly girls, or on myself ridin' round the cit-ay.
2. My new pointy wooden ring looks like a roof on my finger. Stand back!
3. I just got this giant knit "pouf" from CB2 for my bedroom...who needs chairs?
4. Epic ode to Master of Puppets Metallica tee by Mikio Sakabe, found at RA and it might have to be mine.
5. Some crazy siamese ring situation I can't stop staring at from Slow & Steady Wins the Race (via OC). It's a marriage of two fingers!