Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

1. Daniel Palillo ying-yang bike shorts...I could so see these on the In Living Color fly girls, or on myself ridin' round the cit-ay.
2. My new pointy wooden ring looks like a roof on my finger. Stand back!
3. I just got this giant knit "pouf" from CB2 for my bedroom...who needs chairs?
4. Epic ode to Master of Puppets Metallica tee by Mikio Sakabe, found at RA and it might have to be mine.
5. Some crazy siamese ring situation I can't stop staring at from Slow & Steady Wins the Race (via OC). It's a marriage of two fingers!


KATLIN said...

i love that ring! i'm fascinated with alternative wedding/promise rings!

joy said...

The In- Living Color girls were called Fly Girls. Jennifer Lopez was a fly girl.