Go big

1. $1.99 laundry/grocery/everyday polka dot bag from Ikea, will you be mine?
2. Upon seeing this girl's little big prehistoric guy on a cute chunk of thigh, I now want a dinosaur tattoo.
3. Dreamy, denim print silk dress by Tata Naka...it's on Luisaviaroma, of course it's not cheap.


Nancy Magoo said...

I would definitely mull over getting a dino tattoo!

joy said...

I want to bleach and destroy a jumbo denim work shirt to look like that Taka Naka dress. I sure after a good beating it would feel like silk.


DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

my internet obsession of the day is trying to find some good bernhard willhelm stuff. any tips on sites besides farfetch and oki-ni? obscure euro or jap sites? there's a jacket i've been coo-ing over for a year now and it just happens to be raining here today (wtf) so i'm in obsesso mode (again) at work right now. not good.

coco said...

ugh yea I thought the same when I saw the dinosaur tattoo!!! and btw i dont know why i never linked you on my blog. anyway done done! :]

M E L I $ $ A said...

dino tat!!! <3