It's not that complex

Apologies for not giving you guys an earlier heads up, but right this very minute lasting until the end of the day, Complexgeometries is giving you 40% anything in their webshop by just entering the code "onedaysale" at checkout. Run and get yourself some fly new cotton gear!


Hal said...

Can't believe I missed this! I've been needing some Complex Geometries in my life. Boooo :(

BTW where can one purchase those INSANE rope platforms you featured in the post with the Issey Miyake bag & Margiela ring (I just styled the matching bangle to this ring in my last post)? xo

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

devastation. i've been hesitating on buying the sheet tee forever now. man i could've used this. DAMN!