Nail queen

Life goal #126: start doing my nails more "creatively." With the resurgence of the nail polish industry over the past few years (I mean there's even "in" shades every season now), we have enough options to make our own homemade masterpieces. Of course there's the bananas Japanese nail art that tends to be about gluing adornments and jewels to your nails so they look like candy, but in terms of pure stunning 2D design, a name you need to know is Sophy Robson. Now one of London's hottest manicurists, Sophy started making a name for herself booking manicurist gigs for shoots. Now with her own agent, Sophy nabs fashion shows and big campaigns left and right and even has her own nail boutique. I dug around and found some of the sweetest designs she's done over the past few years (some of the photos don't do the level of detail justice, but you get the idea).

Sophy's Giles-inspired manicure

Oily chromed-out nails for McQueen's Spring '10 show

Burnt nails for Dazed & Confused

Gareth Pugh black & white nails, Spring 2008

Sophy's rainbow manicure

Acronym nails for House of Holland's Fall '10 show (CTFO=Chill the fuck out)

Hannah Holman's smiley nails done for British Vogue

Marimekko nails for Japanese Vogue

Luxury nail art for Elle Collections

images via Sophy's site + google images


Six Six Sick said...

ACK! I'm so into nail art right now, but since I can't afford it in the salon, I've been making my very-DIY attempts at home. These are so inspirational!


Lucy in the Sky said...

OMG!!!!!! These are too awesome! Love the Marimekko especially! I don't think I'll ever get acrylic nails myself, though.

M E L I $ $ A said...

omg i love some of these! i work in such a corporate enviornment but can DEF get away with some of those! thanks for inspiring me to take it there

Lyn and Haily said...

i love this post. i want eyes on my nails!
Hazel blog

danae said...

this is my next mani:

thanks Samantha :)

Emily said...

lusting all of these!! so much fun.. do i dare try it?!

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

the first nails are rad, little pacman ghosts. i know it's more "fashiony" to have clean short solid nails but i love crazy nail art (duh)!


luv the smiley's and the eyes

miss cocotte said...

I love the Giles pac-man ghost nails.

Check out these blood-splattered press-ons that my friend Will created:

...for those days you want everyone to leave you alone, haha.

April Joy said...

Those rainbow nails are amazing!!

April Joy said...