Red light, green light

Jil Sander traffic light red bag and Proenza Schouler green open-back boots

Man there are some REALLY good accessories coming out for fall- like stuff I could bear to look at for [gasp] seasons to come. Two of my top wish-listed items are chosen not just for aesthetics, but for practicality being that I'm a "New Yorker" who is always running or biking from one place to the next...both of which I could do with a bigger smile on my face with these babies.


Joanna M said...

Girl, Proenza Schouler's Fall accessories are the bomb! The shoes, the bags...they just don't miss it, do they?

coco said...

wow those are sooo gooood!!! u just made me wanna get those boots aswell!

laia. said...

fuck yes to both of these.