Rings and things

Since Amanda is away on her Costa Rican Surf holiday, I decided now was a good time to come out of my fashion coma. Sometimes life distracts you from the things you really enjoy, and after many months I am finally feeling inspired again! Please be patient as I get back into the swing of things...starting off short and sweet with two little accessories that really caught my attention last weekend.

BOLT rings on my roommate and I (local hardware store)

Adorable hair comb by Friends and Nemesis found at Dalaga


A La Mode said...

Bolt rings are such an awesome idea!


mara said...

love the rings! lahveeeeeeeeee them dahhling!



FashionLifeCoach said...

Great ideas and a cool inspiration source. Love the combination of daily used stuff with an eyecatching stunning detail.Keep the momentum.

dustydress said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling inspired again- though I know exactly how you feel.

文王廷 said...
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GREEDS said...

I love that hair comb! I've never seen anything like it.


Anonymous said...

Love the rings! :)
I took heed at the local hardware store too and made this baby a while ago:
- Matea


actually i like those rings a lot.

Suzanne said...

Ooh I love this idea, might try it out soon myself