Everybody's talking, nobody's listening

1. SUPREME scorpion keychain: Let everyone know you sting..and it hurts.

2. Vintage telephone bag: I remember this guy's face cause he works at DOG in Tokyo and I went back to that store like 3 times over the course of my week there. Anyway, I researched this bag and it actually was meant to function as a real phone too when you plug it in. They are from the 80s so there's probably a few floating around for sale.

3. Mishka Have a Nice Day T-shirt: Oh you recognize this print from Jeremy Scott's SS11 collection do you? Well the boys at Mishka did it for fall, and it's a lot more wearable on a tee.


joy said...

I am looking up the vintage telephone bag now on Ebay with some weird results.


ediot said...

hi! great blog!
i want that phone bag asap. its so cool

hope youre having a great weekend

Nav said...

love the telephone bag, and that tee!



Sarah said...

So that telephone bag is kinds like a prototype iPhone - it carries all your contacts and notes and maybe a few Betamax tapes...Must. Get. Phone. Bag.


haha, this is killer cool. i love it. he is so cool. I love the fur.


stilage vienna said...

gotta have that tee!

stilage vienna

Sipriina said...

that shirt, I have to get it, really good text! hahahaaa :D