Hide ya face

I was digging around the webs for old editorials from THE FACE the other day cause they all pretty much ruled but I found so many rad ones from the 90s (of course). It's all about the 90s these days isn't it? Why does this stuff feel so fresh? I'm gonna start putting some dough towards these old issues.. there are very few magazines I buy these days anyway.

Scarf Face, September 1997

Oh what are these magnificent creations? Comme des Garcons, well duh.

How awesome is that McQueen skirt??

She's dazed & confused about New York too...

Future Shock, July 1994

I already tried searching for these Yamamoto ice cube shoes...hey you never know!


Sun Spots, November 1996

Like seriously? I think I need these aqua leather pants.. kinda Christina Aguilera 1999 but so into it.

images via tfs


Ally said...

THESE ARE SO GOOD!!!! Sorry about the caps, but I've been really into searching for late 90s editorials lately and these are just perfect - the colours, the silhouettes, the textures. Love it all!

Cara said...

AMAZING <3<3 really amazing.

What website/s did you find these on?

x x x

yui said...

oh oh oh too much good stuff in one post...its hurting my eyes

Ginta said...

great finds! I love to leaf through my 90s magazines, too, and to understand that nothing has changed I still love & hate the same things and also - I still dress the same I dressed in 90s (as a grungie teen who wants to be preppy when she's 30)! :)