Purple haze all in my brain

Yohji Yamamoto tapped into some blazing acid fractals for spring to add a bit of color to his signature all-black looks. Those sneakers were a pretty sweet curveball if I do say so myself! I definitely had a glossy folder in highschool with a similar trippy print... I used it for chemistry class, go figure.

images via Vogue

Assembly New York: A Sample Sale

Apparently the Assembly folks moved their shop a few doors down to 170 Ludlow St, and threw a little party last week to celebrate the new space. So THIS week they are hosting a sample sale at the old location (174 Ludlow St), Oct 25-30 from 1-8pm daily. It's probably in your best interest to stop by if your heart beats a little faster at the thought of adding pieces from labels like Risto, Tom Scott, Mandy Coon, or Lindsey Thornburg to your closet!

Sun's out

When Ksubi was Tsubi, they were doing some pretty cheeky graphic tops that are all long gone now except for the occasional one that pops up on ebay. So why did I forget to wake up and bid on this most excellent piece of cotton? DOH!!!

Oh you fancy huh?

I mean if you're wearing these ostrich-stamped leather boots from the man Marc Jacobs, you ARE fancy, admit it. I'd rock em though if I had the dollars, faster than you can say "nails done, hair done, everything did."

MJ boots @ La Garconne

The blob

I'm feeling these blob-esque graphic prints from Josh Goot and PAM. Don't let em get out of control!

Martha Streck in Oyster; Perks and Mini shirt at Someday Store

Let there be light

I. see. holograms. Dries Van Noten definitely got my attention with his accessories for spring. Any sort of light-capturing material can easily sway into tacky territory (I mean there are silver hologram stripper heels, ya know?), but I can def get down with Van Noten's vision. Inspired by the beautiful body of work from late Belgian painter Jef Verheyen, Van Noten pondered the ways he could capture light in his designs. This led to a beautiful palette of color, iridescent fabrics, and subtle gradations you want to just lick up. The shoes especially are what did it for me...what else can I say, they are beautiful.

Watch where you're going

Woah Pamela Love, this is LOVE. I mean, look at these heavy duty lean mean bracelets she did for next season..larger than life! Oh I'm sorry, did my pentagram movie reel bangle slice you? SO SORRY.

images via purple DIARY