Let there be light

I. see. holograms. Dries Van Noten definitely got my attention with his accessories for spring. Any sort of light-capturing material can easily sway into tacky territory (I mean there are silver hologram stripper heels, ya know?), but I can def get down with Van Noten's vision. Inspired by the beautiful body of work from late Belgian painter Jef Verheyen, Van Noten pondered the ways he could capture light in his designs. This led to a beautiful palette of color, iridescent fabrics, and subtle gradations you want to just lick up. The shoes especially are what did it for me...what else can I say, they are beautiful.


ediot said...

such great shots- and i LOVE these pieces! thanks so much for sharing


joy said...

I love the bags because they feel all encompassing but the heels remind me of stripper heels.


melina bee said...

totally agree with you, reminds me of the most collectible stickers and pencils when I was in elementary school, know what I mean? Those shoes are amazing, especially the white one with the super cone heel.

Ana said...

oh the bags, THE BAGS...i've been looking for the perfect winter clutch and i think i found it...shame its so way out of my price range all i can do is stare at them and drool!

WendyB said...

Love the bags.

fashionlikeheroin said...

i really love your blog! I found it while google image searching doo ri and I am in love. SO GOOD!
i obsession posted you

libotomy said...

I love your blog! Iridescence is amazing, I would wear those shoes with matching nailpolish.

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