This wink's for you

If you're familiar with model Abbey Lee, you can probably accurately describe the shape of her lovely lady lumps as she's got to be close to holding the record for most naked fashion editorials. Just when I thought I'd seen enough of them, I see this shot from the winter issue of i-D. It's pretty genius if you ask me. Well done, David Bailey! Why didn't they make this a centerfold? Oh yeah, this isn't Playboy.


There's a handful of designers I carefully watch on ebay for rare and amazing stuff that pops up from time to time. Take Japanese iconic designer Issey Miyake for example. If you are into his vintage creations or 80s graphics in general, these sweatshirts might interest you. They were never available for purchase (talk about limited!), but instead were made for the staff that worked the mens collections in Paris each season. Some have portraits of Issey and others have dates indicating the season..definitely a great collector's item if you are into this sort of thing (too bad bidding is now over)!

Strawberry soup

Are we tired of the kool-aid dipped hair steelo yet? Not me, but someone, somewhere is rolling their eyes.

photo by Maria Tasula

Who fun? Sheefun

Sheefun is on such a roll, and I'm totally hanging on for the ride. If the name doesn't ring any bells in the fashion attic of your brain, but the name Ann-Sofie Back DOES, well get used to hearing them together. Google Sheefun Chan, and you're reminded of (or instantly wowed by?) the blood dripping sunglasses the accessories designer created for Back's Fall 09 horror-themed collection. Those shades sold like hotcakes, and you can still get them on Sheefun's site! For Ann-Sofie's Fall 10 collection, Sheefun was at it again, accenting the sci-fi vibes with everything from dented silver jewelry to a bullet tiara and a leather "POW" clutch with sharp-angled sunglasses to match. It's all just so damn good.

any NEWS?

There are some showrooms in NYC you can rely on for having quality sales every season and The News is definitely one of them. They represent a nice roster of labels, including Cheap Monday, who's jeans typically get marked down to $10-$20 at this sale (I'm talking tables full). So here's your advanced warning if you need some pants or have had your eye on anything from other radsters like Kimberly Ovitz or Shipley & Halmos. See you next week!

top, Kimberly Ovitz; bottom, Cheap Monday FW10

Fur reals

So much ridiculousness and awesomeness goes down the runways that never makes it into production cause someone decides not enough people will fork over the green for it at the end of the day. When I saw this piece of fur fluff from the Margiela Fall 10 show, I definitely was like "psssssh, that's just a show stopper, not a money maker." Well guess what, this massive murmansky fur headdress is now a reality and can be yours for the special price of $4450! I'd like to see someone wear this to meet the Queen.


Look at these craze Jil Sander boots I stumbled across on ebay! It looks like your toes got ran over by a mack truck or a herd of angry holiday shoppers at Walmart (too soon?). Woah! I wonder if it's weird to walk in these babies. Anyone have any clue what season they are from? I'd love to see them in on a person.

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

Name that quote! I'm filled with 'em these days and I'm not even getting my money's worth from Netflix. At any rate, mouths are cool and curse words are only cool when you're not being serious. I remember when I thought it was funny calling everyone "FOCKER". That movie is the best.

Ksubi tee from Cosmic Bobo; Bert Industries cuff from Farfetch

Don't eat the apple

Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen! I hope yours was sweet, scary, or at best hard to remember. I'm telling you, spandex costumes are the way to makes dancing a whole lot easier!

photo by Samantha Brown

Who doesn't love a pop-up shop?

It seems around this time of year, the cool urban centers of the world start sprouting up pop-up shops to kick off the holiday season. Tonight, Brooklyn's Rouge 58 gallery will open The Arche, a pop-up boutique running for two weeks only, combining emerging talent and established designers in both fashion and jewelry. This inaugural installment will reflect the dark minimalism that has become an essential element of New York style. Playing on the industrial space of the gallery, clothes will be displayed suspended at different lengths from chains, whilst jewelry will be displayed hanging from a pillar in the middle of the store using satin ties and encased in a jewelry box.

Participating Designers:
Mary Meyer (Woman’s Wear)
Trouble And Bass (T-shirt line)
Sea Sick Mama (T-shirt line)
Ambit (Jewelry)
By Natalia (Jewelry)
Lacee Swan (T-shirt line)
Slimm Jones (T-shirts and tote bags)
Britney Thomas (Jewelry) (website under construction)

Mary Meyer Fall 2010 + Ambit (courtesy of Light Vision Store)