any NEWS?

There are some showrooms in NYC you can rely on for having quality sales every season and The News is definitely one of them. They represent a nice roster of labels, including Cheap Monday, who's jeans typically get marked down to $10-$20 at this sale (I'm talking tables full). So here's your advanced warning if you need some pants or have had your eye on anything from other radsters like Kimberly Ovitz or Shipley & Halmos. See you next week!

top, Kimberly Ovitz; bottom, Cheap Monday FW10


joy said...

ugh, I wish I could be there. Next one I am totally there! I hope you bag all the goodies you can carry.


DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

man you guys have all the good shit. we have the weather, you have the sales.

Tina Lovely said...

i love her hair in this.