Who doesn't love a pop-up shop?

It seems around this time of year, the cool urban centers of the world start sprouting up pop-up shops to kick off the holiday season. Tonight, Brooklyn's Rouge 58 gallery will open The Arche, a pop-up boutique running for two weeks only, combining emerging talent and established designers in both fashion and jewelry. This inaugural installment will reflect the dark minimalism that has become an essential element of New York style. Playing on the industrial space of the gallery, clothes will be displayed suspended at different lengths from chains, whilst jewelry will be displayed hanging from a pillar in the middle of the store using satin ties and encased in a jewelry box.

Participating Designers:
Mary Meyer (Woman’s Wear)
Trouble And Bass (T-shirt line)
Sea Sick Mama (T-shirt line)
Ambit (Jewelry)
By Natalia (Jewelry)
Lacee Swan (T-shirt line)
Slimm Jones (T-shirts and tote bags)
Britney Thomas (Jewelry) (website under construction)

Mary Meyer Fall 2010 + Ambit (courtesy of Light Vision Store)


DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

yes yes yes. I'm on the verge of getting the pin trousers too but in jersey. Let's be twins! There's no one I would rather go to Sadie Hawkins with!

Six Six Sick said...

Thanks for the tip! Will definitely have to stop by and check it out!

joy said...

nifty! I wish I could be there because my friend Lacey is showing her shirts!


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GEOMETRY ▼ said...

wow i love the triangle prints !

Chris Reed said...

Thanks for the write up!


ambitambitambit rules!

Kayla said...

god i love this stuff.