I've managed to accumulate an impressive amount of bikinis to outfit my frequent beach trips and tropical-related travel this year. It's not like I need any more swimsuits, but have been keeping my eyes peeled for a one-piece that doesn't have much more fabric than a bikini (aka a lot of cut-outs) and this one by NZ label Cybéle pretty much fits the bill!

images via 1AM Magazine and ESA/Hubble


We are in the midst of a blizzard here in NYC, complete with thunder and lightning! I was away in Maryland for Christmas but found myself jumping in my car a bit early today to try and beat the white stuff (um, FAIL as you can see). Man do I hate driving in snow, but at least I was comfortable. These Rosenmunns pants are the coziest things on the planet...I never want to take them off.

tank, Actual Pain; hoodie, Uniqlo; coat, Zara; pants, Rosenmunns; boots, Opening Ceremony x Dr. Martens


So there's this somewhat obscure Japanese label called Facetasm...maybe you've heard of them? Maybe you also agree that it's a genius name for a clothing label! I mean, DAMN. So prepare for multiple facetasms when you feast your eyes on some of their latest and greatest...

So yeah, it's basically a printSPLOSION of wonderful proportions. To top it off, they did these fantastic down mufflers for the chilly season that are so crucial. I really can't get over the Last Supper one...anything that can simultaneously delight and offend is a sure winner.

Ironically, I found the muffler images on an e-store called DeepInsideinc. WOW.

I Saw You Standing

The images in the last post came from an editorial on Platform, a London-based online mag I only just discovered that's a pretty entertaining and informative mishmash of cultural this and fashion that, mixed with a healthy serving of generation next photography. Like a lot of the more fashionably relevant online mags out there, Platform has a street style section, but theirs is refreshingly different. Instead of a single still full-body photo, Platform films the stylish subjects, and edits the footy together with tasty beats and details on the outfit. I feel like you get a better take on the person's personality, even if it's just through subtleties like them laughing and gazing into the distance. I'm def a fan of this format and predict others will eventually follow suit!

Feral Girl

I came across this bangin editorial yesterday on a google image search for "Isabel Marant fur coat" (you know, THIS one). I wanted to show my roommate the similarities to the craze fur number currently on Topshop's homepage, which I am now stalking thanks to a tip from Jayne. Anywho, I love the styling concept in full effect here- designer (talkin bout Isabel Marant, Jil Sander, and Margiela, oh hey now) mixed with army surplus store finds and the sickest hair steez I've seen in a minute. I was actually so inspired, I stopped in a local army store in Brooklyn today and picked up some gloves and a Carhartt beenie. BRRRR.

Photographer: Bella Howard, Styling: Margaret Crow, Make up: Clare Read

Just breathe

I took a peep at Bless's upcoming range, Nº42 and I gotta point out the awesome loose knits that will be hot over just a bandeau or swimsuit if you're beachbound. You can see where my mind is at right now, which is very far away from black ice and a cruel windchill.


So I've been holding on to these Margiela wedge sandals for years now, after purchasing them at a sample sale and only wearing them once. They just don't fit my foot right but are honestly one of the coolest pairs of shoes I've ever laid eyes on (GUYS THEY ARE IRRIDESCENT), so you can imagine why it took me so long to let them go. Anyway, they are US size 8/8.5, Euro 38 and you can bid on them here. Good luck!


I gotta say I can def be a fan of New Era hats on dudes- especially if they are a slick design, and the guy has good style without looking like he stares at his closet longer than I do. That being said, these caps genius London-based menswear designer Katie Eary did for New Era are pretty damn amazing.

caps available at CANDY

While we're on the topic of Katie Eary's mind-melting prints, I came across her t-shirts available on Asos, some which she designed exclusively for the site and are now on sale (plus free shipping worldwide right now!). Pretty crazy-licious right?

For the gold

I'm not much of a clutch person but look at this thing Matt Bernson made! It's a gold bar that unhinges to store anything you might need on a night out- pretty conceptual for a guy that mainly makes shoes, and just in time for New Years. Get yer swag on!


Recently, one of the coolest haircare lines on planet earth, BedHead, contacted Is Mental to be a part of a really unique project. I geek out about getting my hair cut each and every time- I love the whole salon experience (ahem, shout out to Laicale), and I love experimenting with hair products, especially ones that smell yummy, so this was a no-brainer! The project was the big relaunch of their site (designed by the amazing Taxi Europe) and it's set up like an interactive magazine where fashion, nightlife, music, style, and art come together in a really fresh way. Is Mental was selected as one of the blogs that would be featured in the fashion category. How sweet is that?? Anyway, enough bragging- go check it out for yourself and buy some BedHead dudes!!

Grandma gone wild

Do I get an award for the most zany knit find of the season? If so, I will gladly accept the find itself: this crazy cardigan by Japanese brand Hiro. It's available at this shop in Tokyo called Acycle which I stopped by this past spring when I was there- only a few doors down from the new Mishka store. As far as "streetwear" goes, it has one of the best and most interesting selections I've seen worldwide, clearly illustrated by this gem!


I know it ain't even CLOSE to summer yet. We just had our first snow in NYC too (technically, but it was a pathetic kick-off). But with that said, can I holler at some non-stripper clear sandals by the time the flowers come back?? Look, Acne made some!

Come sale away

There's TWO epic sample sales this week you must know about. First up, Gar-de & friends will be pushing some wares at 30-85% off retail starting this Wednesday at their midtown showroom. Another treat kicks off Friday when LES boutique Maryam Nassir Zadeh hosts a sale at their showroom on Grand Street. Peep the deets below!

The doctor is in

When I heard they were putting a Dr. Martens store in NYC, I thought "bout damn time!" Docs have been making a huge comeback over the past few years with the 90s resurgence and collabos pouring out of fashion land. I myself got down with the Dr. Martens for Opening Ceremony pony hair Darcie boot. So I had to stop in the new store a few weeks ago and survey the variety of docs available these days. I grabbed pics of some of my faves- especially loving the ones with raised patterns and textures. Reptile, embossed floral, metallic, polka dots...what's next!?