I Saw You Standing

The images in the last post came from an editorial on Platform, a London-based online mag I only just discovered that's a pretty entertaining and informative mishmash of cultural this and fashion that, mixed with a healthy serving of generation next photography. Like a lot of the more fashionably relevant online mags out there, Platform has a street style section, but theirs is refreshingly different. Instead of a single still full-body photo, Platform films the stylish subjects, and edits the footy together with tasty beats and details on the outfit. I feel like you get a better take on the person's personality, even if it's just through subtleties like them laughing and gazing into the distance. I'm def a fan of this format and predict others will eventually follow suit!


joy said...

When I first browsed Platform I was all about it, but it got old quick. The newer features on the site, however, are egging me on to browse.

Maria said...

oh video, as a photography student I am starting to feel almost threaten about it :D