Purple flavor

For "practical" reasons, most people tend to stick to black or earthtone-colored coats for winter. Yeah, yeah, makes sense. Sitting on the subway though, sometimes I wish I didn't blend in so much in the winter. Up pop those thought bubbles...the techno precision of Raf Simons combined with a tasty grape purple would sure look nice against all this snow. And cozy? Look at it, it SCREAMS cozy, even if you get stared at a whole lot more (at least Barney & friends will be on your side).


I've wanted a nameplate necklace for a really long time, and it has nothing to do with a certain Carrie Bradshaw. In fact I didn't even want my name, in part because there's too many jerkfaces in the sea of millions here that would abuse that. I guess I wanted something more, er, "clever"? I forget where I saw it, probably some recent editorial, but the model had a nameplate necklace that said "Nobody." That was my AHA moment, so as soon as I had the chance, I headed down to Chinatown, and ordered up "Somebody." I'm kind of a smartass so it suits me well!

While i'm on this topic of shiny bold lady jewelry, I've been coming across some pretty sweet big earrings lately. I'm usually more of a tiny stud person myself (I have these silver cubes that have not left my ears), but look at these hoops...nothing but net!

Mouth hoop earrings, Aurélie Bidermann; Perspex phone earrings, Holly Fulton

Then there's this amazing piece from Ann-Sofie Back I spotted at Daily Projects that I don't remember seeing in her Fall collection. I don't even understand how this stays on your ear but it's totally badass! Instant sci-fi elf status.

Rally for Rowley

Attention New Yorkers (well, fans of Cythia Rowley's colorful, urban, sporty vibes anyway)! She's having a sample sale this week starting Thursday promising 80% clothes and accessories, so you might want in on this action. I just revisited Rowley's Fall 10 collection, which should pop up at the sale, and there's some pretty amazing pieces. Seeing as the end of winter is nowhere in sight, maybe you could still make good use of a sweater or puffy coat.

Still an animal

Here's your January dose of Japanese crazy, this time from Tokyo-bred label BANZAI. A giant stuffed tiger got it on with a jacket...while a matador watched. I like that the tiger looks to be a backpack at first glance, but is really attached to your back. Interested? The jacket is only available at Ilil in Tokyo right now, but its designer, Yoruko Banzai, promises he is "roaring towards large projects" in the near future so watch this man's blog!

Hot mess

Sex sells- that's a no-brainer. Somehow it still has enough shock appeal to stir things up stateside, but for Argentinian label A.Y. Not Dead, it gets the job done...especially with the help of a certain blonde named Dree Hemingway. Moving past the bonerific campaign images, A.Y. Not Dead's Summer '11 range offers a saucy mix of revealing cuts and radical prints...equally effective under a strobe light or the daylight. I have my eye on quite a few pieces, and I'm stoked to recently discover the label is stocked at Asos. You better believe if I ever find myself in Buenos Aires though, I'll be paying one or more of their six stores down there a visit!


Well look at this, Fendi just stole my heart...

via Luisaviaroma

It didn't hurt

A lot of us have several more holes in us then we were born with- I'm talking about the holes with metal shoved through them! The starting point of Ann-Sofie Back's Spring '11 collection was pornography and manipulation of the body. This translated down to the accessories which included a ring and necklace that look like long metal rods poking through the neck and finger.

The necklace is kind of chanelling Frankenstein eh??

How dope is the ring!!!?? I'm definitely stalking this one...

images via Style by Kling & NY Mag

Fur sure dude

Oh yeah, pre-fall yeah! Look at some of the goods Phoebe Philo came up with for Celine. Call it Girls Gone Mod if you will. My faves were about the fur and the shine- that green iridescent PVC coat is bananas! And yeah...LV did foxtails, so what? Phoebe put them on a tiny flat clutch and I dig the play on proportions. If I could reach through the screen and feel that animal hide-looking top, I would.

pc: style.com

Chicken noodle soup

Thankfully I'm not sick, but I gotta do a better job of not letting heat escape through my head. Supreme has a lot of dope beanies this season...and for the frozen non-wallflowers, may I suggest this ski mask?

Sophomore Spring '11, Supreme

Most wanted

So here's two of my most wanted shoes for spring. I've had a crush on the United Nude block pump since first laying my eyes on them. They are architecturally sexy and definitely look dope with shorts. I'm glad I've held out, because I like this latest version with the wood heel the best. Then there's these cut-out oxfords from Minimarket that showed up in Solestruck's Spring '11 lookbook- they remind me of puzzles!

Minimarket image via

Megabytes of Spring

If you weren't excited for spring yet, you will be now. Ok, that's assuming the thrill of wearing brighter clothes and showing more skin keeps you awake in twitches of anticipation at night. Maybe creepy gifs of well-styled models will lick your brain next time you lay your head to rest. "Digital fashion mavens" Reed + Rader hit it out of the park with this new editorial Megabytes of Spring for vmagazine.com. Go...clickity CLICK and see all the magic kids!

Styling by Jessica Bobince


We all have our "style icons" out there, some of whom we may stalk on the daily...don't lie, you read Fuck Yeah Mary-Kate Ashley too. On the opposite end of the spectrum is a familiar face on the Tokyo scene, Mademoiselle Yulia, who I have been following for the past few years because, well, she rules at life. The girl is a DJ, singer, and designs an accessory label called GIZA that blows me away. Yulia OWNS her style...it's hard to sum it up, but she's big into Jeremy Scott, short shorts and blue hair. If you look at any recent pictures of her, she can probably be seen sporting the collection she recently collaborated with LA-based Joyrich on, which is due out real soon. Joyrich x Giza is the perfect marriage: it's got classic pieces like tanks, shorts, and motorcycle jackets, all decked out in prints like dinosaurs and wrenches. I mean!!??

In November, a club in Taiwan played host to a party celebrating the collaboration. Of course Yulia was behind the decks! She even arrived in a Lambo.. now that's the life.

images via Cadmus Family here and here