We all have our "style icons" out there, some of whom we may stalk on the daily...don't lie, you read Fuck Yeah Mary-Kate Ashley too. On the opposite end of the spectrum is a familiar face on the Tokyo scene, Mademoiselle Yulia, who I have been following for the past few years because, well, she rules at life. The girl is a DJ, singer, and designs an accessory label called GIZA that blows me away. Yulia OWNS her style...it's hard to sum it up, but she's big into Jeremy Scott, short shorts and blue hair. If you look at any recent pictures of her, she can probably be seen sporting the collection she recently collaborated with LA-based Joyrich on, which is due out real soon. Joyrich x Giza is the perfect marriage: it's got classic pieces like tanks, shorts, and motorcycle jackets, all decked out in prints like dinosaurs and wrenches. I mean!!??

In November, a club in Taiwan played host to a party celebrating the collaboration. Of course Yulia was behind the decks! She even arrived in a Lambo.. now that's the life.

images via Cadmus Family here and here


tetrismagic || Julian! said...

I LOVE Mademoiselle Yulia!! Her style is just terrific. And those dino and wrench prints? DO WANT!


Suzanne said...

For me it's definitely her blue hair. I love love love that! Especially the type of blue, something that would never suit anybody else. so amazing

A La Mode said...

I love this collection! I have obsessive tendencies over Mademoiselle Yulia too.

g said...


Anonymous said...

yep she's awesome!

sara said...

funny I've been following here for a couple years too! starting in fruits magazine and it's how you can see her evolution! I am excited about this collab! dinosaurs!! need to get my hand on some of those pieces!

Six Six Sick said...

Love her! This is amazing, and so unexpected.


m.corbett said...

mademoiselle yulia!
love her haiiir so much.
i wish i knew abuot her when i did my pastel hair post on my blog then she would have been all OVER it. check it out :) http://kireimode.blogspot.com/
x x x