Step into liquid

Yo, WHAT? 2011, is that you? I knew you were here all along, it just took London to shake things up as always. When people talk about this idea of "the future", this is the kind of weird shit they dream up...the stuff that is actually motivated by science. Christopher Kane was just the creative vessel to bring it to life. I can clearly remember repeatedly pressing my little sticky kid fingers into oily stickers on my trapper keeper, almost willing them to burst open, even though I probably would've cried if that happened. The black dresses with colorful, liquid-filled plastic trim were crazy awesome, but I'm looking forward to the concept finding its way into many more accessories at the retail level. Big kid pencil case purses: I'm for it!

Mixed Metals

ACNE! One of the collections I anticipate the most each season is undoubtedly from these guys. I always, ALWAYS find something or many somethings I like. They got game: Johansson knows one of their strengths is innovation in leather, so what did he do? He pushed it even further for Fall 2011 with rich colored leathers, in particular mixing it in with METALLICS. It's classic, it's future, it's why we can't help but love Swedish fashion.


I guess Jeremy Scott has a lot going on these days! He just wrapped up a crazy, ravetastic fashion show in New York for Fall 11, launched a collaboration with Swatch (with his face in Times Square above the store), and I just clicked over to Colette to see these INSANE shades he just put out with Linda Farrow. Club kids everywhere rejoice!

People power

Regardless of your feelings on the character, Kanye can DRESS. Case in point, he rocked an Actual Pain cap front row at Jeremy Scott yesterday. TJ's got to be at least a little proud to have someone so influential repping his gear! The hat is sold out in their shop, but the pyramid graphic is available on several other products, including a tank which I own and plan on wearing out this summer.

image via Zimbio

Booty bounce

I LOVE a weird sole. I am a weird soul. Booties and shorts for summer 2011.

Asos & Acne

All eyes on you

Spring 11 Supreme is gettin creative- watch out! I checked out what's in store for the coming season (which includes dog bowls so your pet can feel cool) and was immediately drawn to this eye print shirt...obviously because it was staring at me. I feel like there are so many ways this could be rocked too, for the guys or girls. It can run the spectrum from weird artist type, to matchy matchy streetwear kid, to sexy nerd chic. I think I fit in there somewhere.

Sweet tartan

I smell a tartan trend! Both Y-3 and Thakoon dipped their design brushes in bright red and blue check prints for fall. Try to steal a chick's tartan jacket in the aren't getting very far!

Y-3 & Thakoon Fall 2011

B.U.M. Equipment

I feel like I've been bummin' it most of this winter- wearing random layers most of the time instead of proper winter pieces. It amounts to that sort of hippie dippy streetwear aesthetic that the Tokyo kids do so well. Or, you spend an hour to look like you "threw something together in 2 minutes"....riiiiiight. I really just need me a wacko acid bright fur coat to awesome up any outfit- should have snatched one at Eva last year.

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The buck stops here

I've been watching Zara's handbag game get progressively better. They are good at fooling the average fash rat with bags that look way more expensive than they are. How's this for a fancy fuzzy shopper tote? ACE.

Slick city streets

Ann-Sofie Back has officially taken Cheap Monday to a new level under her stellar creative direction. Spring 2011 looked amazing, and now Fall is a journey into the beyond with epic layering, the shiny dark side of techno, and a comfort level of 10. It was refreshing to see how far Back pushed it- there were hardly any jeans shown for women, which is impressive for a company founded on denim. But there WAS patent leather and velvet. 90s? Where, what are you talking about?

Images via Cheap Monday & here

I came across this Swedish blog that made an interesting point: Acne started out as jeans brand, eventually evolving into a globally respected fashion label that is now showing in London each season. It seems Cheap Monday is heading down the same path...hopefully they stay cheap as they grow more chic!

Can they do no wrong?

If you're an Olsen hater, not an Olsen lover, you can change the I don't peep the gossip blogs too much, but I guess Mary-Kate and Ashley had a little party in NYC yesterday to celebrate Textile Elizabeth & James, which according to Ashley is "a well-rounded collection of casual to dressy options for the trend conscious customer." MKA wore pant styles from the Fall '11 collection but I'm just in love with both their looks 100%...and those Balenciaga heels- JESUS!!

images via Just Jared

My lips are sealed

I grow more and more fond of Danish brand Wood Wood with each season that passes. They always represent the perfect mix of timeless style with not-too-trendy staples. The color palette for Spring 11 alone is magical. Wood Wood has a nicely designed webstore that in addition to their own label carry brands like Bernhard Willhelm, Jeremy Scott, and Perks and Mini. I'm considering picking up one of these new crispy white button-up styles with all over lip print. I'll actually be in Berlin in June so I can't wait to visit the store...someone will have to hold me back from ODing on Wood Wood!

Go mental in the mart

Finally, the cobwebs have been cleared and Mental Mart has fresh items up ready for you to buy, with new stuff to be added throughout early spring cleaning season. Prices so great, it's m-m-m-mental! [You're supposed to read that in your best used car commercial voice]

C.neeon hoodie and MM6 dress

Shout out to my girl Krysta for holding down the modeling!

Angel Hair Pasta

I can't really predict what I'll be feeling come spring, but I feel like I'm curiously peering down this minimalist path รก la Calvin Klein in the 90s- tanks, dresses, and one-pieces that are plain as day, but somehow still innovative. Other then the obvious comfort appeal, I like that this sort of style really leaves the door open for coo coo for cocoa puffs accessorizing...if you choose to go that route.

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