Double dip

I'm sure plenty of ya'll are busy getting your summer bods in order. Or maybe you can't be bothered! Maybe you eat french fries on the regs and get away with it. Maybe you can appreciate the irony regardless of this Jeremy Scott for Adidas fry print swimsuit. I'm pretty stoked he chose to resurrect this print that originally appeared in his Eat The Rich Fall '06 range that basically took its inspiration from junk food. Even though it's technically swimwear, I can see it looking pretty dope as a bodysuit paired with some denim or shorty shorts...right?

Big kid little jungle

I'm indefinitely stuck in a kid/adult vortex, so my tastes span high and low. One day over the rainbow, I'll own a Givenchy bag. For now, I'll take the Vans and ride my bike into the sunset.

Reality: Vans; Dreams: Givenchy

Supermarket Sweep

Grandmas picking out their produce in Auckland, NZ today had a front row seat to the Stolen Girlfriends Club show. Models entered through the supermarket's automatic doors and paraded down the aisles past unsuspecting shoppers. I always love seeing fashion taken out of context like this, even if it has little to do with the clothes themselves.

via Style Sketchbook & SGC blog

On the up and up

A most basic of shape, the wedge pump, has found its way into my shoe collection out of necessity. These ticked all the right boxes, including the hard-to-find affordable box. Never underestimate Aldo...they really come through sometimes! Now let's see how long it takes NYC sidewalks to beat the crap out of these.

Wood grain I'm grippin'

There's a lot to be said for the advancement in digital printing on textiles in recent fashion seasons. Fall 2011 was no exception, and once again, I'm smacked in the face with some amazing head-to-toe, or head-to-knee in this case, 3D to 2D designs. Two of my favorites came from Celine and Stella McCartney in the form of wood grain and gold foil prints. I mean, WOW, right??

Assembly Required

The ring situation at Margiela for Fall '11 is out of control. I'm not even sure what's going on with some of these- are they knuckle rings, sold separately or what!? Regardless, I'm into the chunky industrial hardware store aesthetic 100%.


When I looked at Junya Watanabe's digs for fall, I stopped at this scruffy, lived-in furness. Coats that can keep you warm should your heater break down in the dead of winter, DONE. I dig these fuzzy overthings...evidence that fur doesn't always have to say "Yo I am a baller".

Perfect Timing

Damn my tastes have gotten expensive! I mean somewhat. Not having the means keeps me grounded though. A designer watch? I mean I love my $40 Casio to death (literally, I will wear it till it dies), but if the time were now to invest in a nice timepiece, I'd go for one of these Balenciaga watches. It represents everything I love about timeless (har har) design: classic meets modern meets...yum?

Balenciaga SS11