March 02, 2011

Perfect Timing

Damn my tastes have gotten expensive! I mean somewhat. Not having the means keeps me grounded though. A designer watch? I mean I love my $40 Casio to death (literally, I will wear it till it dies), but if the time were now to invest in a nice timepiece, I'd go for one of these Balenciaga watches. It represents everything I love about timeless (har har) design: classic meets modern meets...yum?

Balenciaga SS11


SML said...

never been a big watch person, but i could easily get used to wearing one of these all the time. sooo good.

ediot said...

oh- these are so nice. thanks for sharing.

nusardel said...

Another example of why Balenciaga will never get old.

Sarah said...

Agreed with the person above :D