Oh look what I found! APC sale? I'll take it. Let's see how many cross the river for this one. It's conveniently on the weekend too, which I appreciate given all the sales I can't make during the workweek.

Sit this one out

I've got a serious case of Peter Pan syndrome lately! Oh, what, you too? Then you might just want to bring that feeling of eternal youth into your pad. I'm obsessed with these chairs by The Campana Brothers, but who wouldn't be? I'd almost pay the probably absurd pricetag to have the opportunity to sit on plush sharks and dolphins at the end of the day and dream about magical underwater fantasies....or sit on the gator chair and wake up in a cold sweat thinking your arms just got chomped off.

Think Pink

I've had a hard time "thinking pink" since my childhood bedroom bled the shade. Once I was old enough to have my own opinions, I kinda ran as far away from the idea of pink as possible. These days I fully embrace the girly and boyish sides of myself, and colors don't really hold any symbolic influence to my wardrobe decisions anymore. I still have a hard time making pink work for me, but this editorial from NYLON México gave me some good ideas: skintone on skin.

Photography: Tony Solis; Styling: Jordy Huinder; Model: Romy

JNCOS for big girls

A good handful of you probably had a pair of these or at least smirked at the kids who did. It took me some time to accept the fact that wide leg pants are coming back in, and I can't help but be impressed that designers like Jeremy Laing are figuring out how to tap into our 90s Korn-loving, ball chain-wearing selves, but in a much more 2011, polished fem way. You are still allowed to say NO WAY to the wide leg, but I had to point out this interesting interpretation...if anything, to make you take a second look.

Hitched Pants @ Maryam Nassir Zadeh


I guess it's been a minute since I saw any innovative sneakers I would actually wear. There was a time when I was all about Nike Blazers and SBs. These days I tend to torture my feet more often than not (I call it shoeicide), but I do have clear converse and leopard vans I'm pretty stoked about. Anyway feast your eyes on these Andrea Crews sandal-inspired sneakers...I love the slashed sides, big eyelets and chunky laces. They are available in limited quantities at Marios Left Tannker or in the Andrea Crews shop.

Just Cheap

I think now's a good time to revisit Cheap Monday Spring 2011 cause everything is now in stores! I personally think this is their strongest collection to date, especially in terms of wearability, variety of pieces, and the sheer size of the range. Click over to Karmaloop and there's like 3 pages of Cheap Monday for this season! I've already picked up a few pieces, and plan to stop by Alter in Brooklyn to see what they have in stock.