Dis Week

I have mad love for Vena Cava, so I'm really excited that their annual sample sale is this week! This time they are joining forces with Loeffler Randall too, so it will be double the fun.

Slim shady

You know who rules? Complex Geometries. Being a brand known mostly for their unique loose-cut jersey pieces has not stopped them from shifting gears from time to time. Case in point, they've put out this hot knit style that is available in a bodysuit or tube dress. It's oozing sexy summer robot vibes and I'm totally into it, just maybe not when the sun is blazing on my back.

PS: There's a Complex Geometries sale on Privé this week!

Just did it

I don't why but lately I've been thinking a lot about some of these uglyish/custom Nikes. It started with the pic of this dude who custom spiked some Air Force 1's. I never really got into the whole spike everything you own trend but I kinda dig the contrast against an all white shoe, especially one as classic as the AF1.

Then I accidentally stumbled upon the world of heeled Nike Jordans. GASP?? I know high heeled sneakers are kinda wacksauce, but again, the all white ones do something for me. I am often attracted to a lot of stuff that would be the source material for a Joan Rivers' joke on Fashion Police. I guess I find beauty in the challenge of something that is so wrong, it can be a right if you got swag.

I also just saw these Nike Gladiator sandals on URBN that are pretty interesting- definitely a Sporty Spice moment happening right there.


Just a heads up, the W29 Showroom online sample sale is happening now! It goes till Saturday, so if you have a gaping hole in your wardrobe for some cheeky party sequin things, Ashish has you totally covered. There's also some sick jewelry from Iosselliani in the sale... I scooped a piece I will share when it arrives! Happy shopping.

Go 'head

Oh hey folks! Guess what? It's still not summer!!!! Over it. I mean I've been steadily stockpiling tank tops to get ready for the dog days...and I would like to stop wearing jackets like yesterday. Luckily we had decent weather a few weekends ago for the Kentucky Derby. Now I'm not one to get all superstoke over a sporting event, but this was something new to me, and I embraced it. HATS & LADIES was the name of the game, and my girl came through with this striped number that was perfect for the occasion. Nevermind it was totally reminiscent of Prada's steez for this season (AND I was wearing my newly acquired lucite Prada heels I scooped from Century 21).

I guess I'm like hypnotized by Prada right now, cause I was messing around on Asos yesterday and bought this banana crop tank which I can't wait to throw on with some cutoffs. Summer of SASS.

I'm kinda craving some banana Runts® now...those are my fave.

X-ray Specs

I can't pick my jaw up off the ground after seeing this Comme des Garçons PVC biker jacket through La Collectionneuse (a tumblr that collates amazing finds online). It's everything I never knew I wanted in a jacket and it's for sale at Colette for a hefty sum. I'd say the pricetag is justified though by the impeccable construction, detailing, and high resale value of this piece for years to come. Should I just start eating ramen now?