Just did it

I don't why but lately I've been thinking a lot about some of these uglyish/custom Nikes. It started with the pic of this dude who custom spiked some Air Force 1's. I never really got into the whole spike everything you own trend but I kinda dig the contrast against an all white shoe, especially one as classic as the AF1.

Then I accidentally stumbled upon the world of heeled Nike Jordans. GASP?? I know high heeled sneakers are kinda wacksauce, but again, the all white ones do something for me. I am often attracted to a lot of stuff that would be the source material for a Joan Rivers' joke on Fashion Police. I guess I find beauty in the challenge of something that is so wrong, it can be a right if you got swag.

I also just saw these Nike Gladiator sandals on URBN that are pretty interesting- definitely a Sporty Spice moment happening right there.


Andrew said...

I walked by a window display with those sandals once. I had to turn around and look again. Thought about going in and trying a pair on but didn't think they would carry mens sizes.

Cad said...

I love the way he customized his shoes, the studs look great on the white. Not loving the heeled sneakers, but I definitely understand the appeal of things that are so wrong they're right :)


Claire M. said...

Nice shoes I like it so much ;)

amythewolf said...

how can something so wrong be so right

mens shoes said...

Nice design! That's new! Love it so much! Can't wait to see that shoes in the market.