Slim shady

You know who rules? Complex Geometries. Being a brand known mostly for their unique loose-cut jersey pieces has not stopped them from shifting gears from time to time. Case in point, they've put out this hot knit style that is available in a bodysuit or tube dress. It's oozing sexy summer robot vibes and I'm totally into it, just maybe not when the sun is blazing on my back.

PS: There's a Complex Geometries sale on Privé this week!


Cristina said...

Oh, these look quite gorgeous!



oh love the style of these!

Anonymous said...

This white tubedress is so great and perfect for this summer I think!!
Thanks for sharing.

STEFANIE said...

aaah, amazing!

Adie Andrews said...

That white dress is absolutely perfect :) clear lines, simple design, absolute beauty for me.

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