Meadham Kirchhoff SS10

Since seeing these Meadham Kirchhoff glitter tees from Spring 2010, I've longed for something similar. Well a click of the heels and a stroll down the yellow brick road to Zara and I've found myself a nice alternative! I also just learned the news that their US e-commerce store is opening next week. DANGEROUS.

Don't get fresh with me

I think I found my look for next spring thanks to House of Holland. Mexican blanket! No, but really, it's pretty awesome right? I'd wear all of it, and then be a living FIESTA. I'm also a sucker for any kind of bone prints so I'm really feeling the jacket in this collection, and uh, this shirt.

House of Holland Pre SS12

Youth Blood

I gotta hand it to UO. The retailer's vision is having a glimmering moment in catalog form for the early fall push. A combo of the right models (Anja Konstantinova!), great styling, and really creative art direction and photography has made for some pretty rad spreads this month. Catalogs are such a stale thing these days, so it's refreshing to see them given a more editorial treatment to get consumers' attention. Otherwise, their fate in the recycling bin comes a whole lot quicker!

Photography by Colin Dodgson, Eléonore Hendricks, Charlie Engman, and Colin Leaman

Mixed messages

Sometimes you just gotta wear your heart on your sleeve...or your head...or your neck. You get the point.

Karen Walker & Huf

The Slits

It's been some time since I've worn loose jeans. I know the "boyfriend" fit has been pushing its way through the trend portal for a few years but I've still kept it slim when it comes to denim. After seeing these new A. Wang cropped jeans though with their rad knee slits and light wash, I'm down to give it a try...but not for $345 though. These are a DIY or at least a BYT (bring to your tailor).

jeans via Net-a-Porter; background by Tauba Auerbach


Lovetits. With a name so simultaneously adorable and eye-opening, you know there's got to be something good behind it. Alice and Molly Goddard found time outside their Saint Martins workload to put their sisterly powers to work and created a label based around mesh tops with sequin shapes covering the lady lumps. You gotta love your tits to be directing eye traffic like that! Get your hands on these tops that are made to order over at the Lovetits blog.

Saturn's Children

It's not too often I post a geek-out model post. They are all hot, they all have good style...pretty much. But I have to take a second to give props to Australian model Tallulah Morton for rocking an Electric Wizard tee (only one of the best doom metal bands out there). Well played Tallulah!

image via Altamira