The Slits

It's been some time since I've worn loose jeans. I know the "boyfriend" fit has been pushing its way through the trend portal for a few years but I've still kept it slim when it comes to denim. After seeing these new A. Wang cropped jeans though with their rad knee slits and light wash, I'm down to give it a try...but not for $345 though. These are a DIY or at least a BYT (bring to your tailor).

jeans via Net-a-Porter; background by Tauba Auerbach


Andrew said...

a tough DIY but definitely not impossible. If you don't mind a back seam I would suggest cutting the entire bottom of the pant off where you want the slits, then rolling the front down, sewing them, then the difference on the back would be the seam allowance to attach the two together (if that makes ANY sense)

kind of want to try now...... haha

Linda Lu said...

hahah! I saw these on the A.Wang webstore and was totally drooling over these. I'm also thinking about DIYing. The BYT acronym is hilarious by the way.