Supreme stash

I've been about the snakeskin for a minute so I had to get my hands on one of these stash pouches when I saw them at Supreme. As much as I like carrying a bag, this little sucker was a great hands-free option for the laundromat tonight!

Beat from the street

U Mag has been around since 2004, but I really didn't get on board with it until the past year. Every time a new issue comes out now, I keep that tab open for awhile on my browser, looking at it over and over again. This obsession comes from the perfect formula U has going on being an accessible free online magazine with amazing fashion editorials and absolutely gorgeous layouts that inspire my own work as an art director. I picked this story from this month's issue cause I loved the way the stylist worked hats into somewhat classy looks...mixed with those braids and eye makeup and I'm tempted to copy all of it BRO.


I really haven't had the time to get all up close and personal with Hurricane Fashion Week just yet, but from the itty bitty browsing I've done, I got most excited by a couple of things: the green beetle pants at Theyskens' Theory and the electric knits at Rag & Bone. I guess I'm after that POW factor for spring?

Don't judge

Poor taste is still taste, and yes, I would wear two folks going at it around my finger. At least it makes for a good conversation starter when you're ordering your drink?


Tumblr is like the best procrastination/inspiration source in the WORLD [WIDE WEB]. If you like my general taste on this here blog, you'll probably dig this tumblr Schuhtutehemd as much as I do. It's a curated gallery of mainly amazing vintage finds and weird accessories, with some current dope stuff mixed in. Whoever runs it also has a crush on Denise Huxtable from the looks of the facebook fan page. Obviously that's rad as she was one of the coolest chicks to come out of tv land EVER!

Inside out

It's great to see Helmut Lang back on foot at fashion week...and a solid show it was. Everything seemed designed to sell, including these awesome asymmetrical bra tops that I bet will be snatched up faster than a late 90s Furby!

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Life on Mars

Damir Doma made one of the most fantastic pairs of shoes of the fall season: a creeper/wedge mash-up that has an alien vibe I'm really digging! Get em at LN-CC!