Beat from the street

U Mag has been around since 2004, but I really didn't get on board with it until the past year. Every time a new issue comes out now, I keep that tab open for awhile on my browser, looking at it over and over again. This obsession comes from the perfect formula U has going on being an accessible free online magazine with amazing fashion editorials and absolutely gorgeous layouts that inspire my own work as an art director. I picked this story from this month's issue cause I loved the way the stylist worked hats into somewhat classy looks...mixed with those braids and eye makeup and I'm tempted to copy all of it BRO.


Six Six Sick said...

Love the styling of the shoot--the braids, the hats. I've been thinking of working big old baseball hats into my wardrobe for fall.

Anonymous said...

make me wanna do braids in my hair!! sadly i'm a bit shit at braids!!

romeu said...

Thanks so much! It makes me happy! ;)