You know when you're walking on ice-covered sidewalks in the winter and you carefully plot out each step to choose the baldest spots on the concrete? Yeah, that sucks. You know what doesn't? Clear heels. It's like walking on ice...without walking on ice.

top, Modekungen; bottom, Dries Van Noten


Six Six Sick said...

Agreed. Clear heels are awesome. LD Tuttle has some great ones too...

Sarah B. said...

Love the clear heel trend.
Modekungen is overcharging like crazy for those wedges though. They only run for around $30 on Gmarket

laia. said...

dying for those dries.

Ophelia said...

The acetate heels are looking good!


Anonymous said...

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Hal said...

Oh girl I want the Dries badly :'( Do you know where I can purchase one of those crazy oil-in-puddle Dries bags from last season? I really need one in my life, the only bag that would come even close to replacing it would be the Giles dino bag from eons ago, and I know that's not about to happen.


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Oh. These shoes. These dumb shoes that I want so badly and don't own. Makes me mad. But yes, lucite heel = love.

strawberry freckleface

Anonymous said...

I love classy clear heels. They shouldn't be allowed to be classy and that's why I'm a fan!