The drug & the dream

DimePiece recently sent out a recap of the launch party and exhibition held last week in LA for their upcoming line The Drug & the Dream. For spring, the ladies took it to a HIGHER level (if you catch my drift), fueled by the idea that escapism, whether achieved naturally or chemically, leads to some of their most inspirational moments. I don't think the collection needs much more explanation than that! I look forward to seeing the full lookbook, but in the meantime, peep some of the images from the launch party. I'm kinda going all "OH SHIT" for the "oh shit" dress.

Time will tell

Now that Thanksgiving is over in the states, our minds are instantly programmed to think "shop shop SHOP!" It's pretty annoying eh? Well let me try to help with just one suggestion for a gift this year: a watch. A watch? Yeah, I mean regardless of the fact that we all get the time from our cellphones these days, it hasn't lost it's popularity as a statement accessory. Designer Agni Tilla struggled to find interesting, affordable watches for her everyday wardrobe, so she founded May28th last year. Each of the limited edition watches are named after a time, like one of my favorites, 08:14AM. Besides the fact that there is guaranteed to be one for everyone's tastes, they are perfectly gift-priced at $39 with free shipping....yeaaaah boi!

Do your thing

Rough around the edges, hardened by city life and that 9 to 5 grind...I'm more inspired by the raw and real these days than a retail catalog. So I found myself in New Jersey last weekend at the Exxxotica Expo, supporting my good friend, photographer Ellen Stagg, who had a booth this year. It was intriguing to see this world summed up in a few aisles at a convention center. That and the people watching....and I thought NYC had interesting characters.

JPeople Mag & Quafle

So heavy

On their way across the Atlantic is 5.5 inches high of pure leather illness. There was no way I could get through another cold weather season without a new pair of chunksters. I will wear these into the ground.