Good dealio

New Yorkers have a well-known discount shopping secret called Century 21. The financial district main location is perpetually filled with tourists and super hit-or-miss, but if you can brave it, you just might get lucky (I hear they get a lot of shipments from Barneys). The last time I went a few weeks ago I was shocked to find a selection of Damir Doma shoes from a few seasons ago. I was obsessed with those all black creepers they did recently but I missed out. I'm not mad at these spotted pony hair ones I scored for well under retail though...not mad at all.

Shiny and bright

Happy Holidays errbody!! How is it the end of the year already? I hope you guys got or accomplished what you wanted, whether it was wrapped or not, or an unrealized goal like "stop faking like you're going to wake up and work out before work and just do it." Either way, it's time to start planning '13!

Emma Cook for Topshop

Thug Life

Weekday, the perfect mix of progressive, yet basic Swedish fashion has gone 90s badgalriri for this upcoming season and that's really awesome. Being the minimalist Swedes they are, graphics aren't usually this abundant, but I think it's damn refreshing, especially paired with those cornrows. Whether or not you have the sense of humor to wear a "thug life" shirt is up to you, but I'm all about some ghetto raver vibes.

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Mad corny

Don't ask me why a girl my age would want to wear food-themed clothing well past the prime of Strawberry Shortcake. I'm quite frankly grossed out by those huge glamour shots of burgers on billboards. But some trippy tie-dye vegetables across my chest? I'll take it.
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Street Wise

I love this trend of magazines telling more stories with their digital content. I'll never stop loving the smell of a newly-opened publication, but there's so much more depth and emotion you can explore with video editorials. This one from METAL rules hard. I want to watch a feature-length film about these girls.

Written & Directed by Clayton Vomero


I appreciate the often overlooked aspects of a fashion show. I mean it is a SHOW after all, a production. It's more than the clothes and a pretty face. Take Junya Watanabe's Spring '13 show for example. The craftsmanship and sheer creativity of the headpieces blew me away. They complimented the futuristic sportswear silhouettes perfectly and I could totally see any of these looks translated into anime characters (wishful thinking!).

Miss Cara

You can just tell by looking at a still image of certain people that they'd be fun as sh*t to hang with. Cara Delevingne is a prime example. The 20-year-old Brit model (also aspiring musician & actress) was all over the catwalks this season, and being that she's super photogenic, full of facial expressions, and killer style, the street photogs couldn't ignore her either. It was just announced today she will walk for the Victoria's Secret fashion show this year too.. go Cara!!

The Warriors

I have a soft spot for near-millenia fashion editorials. The perfect mix of optimistic clothing, risk-taking stylists, and that period where the 2000s were trying to be so un-90s but only partially failed, and gracefully at that. The Warriors appeared in US Vogue's July 2000 issue, and what a perfectly-executed theme it was. Just like in the movie, where gangs and cops rule the streets "in a future, dystopian New York City", these chicks repped their teams in Prada, Comme, and Jil Sander...complete with some hot mean mugs to boot.

Photographed by Anette Aurell & styled by Tal Brener

I'm goin in

Last night, the house of Margiela went ham with H&M and threw quite the little bash for their collaboration. Lots of pretty people came. But what we all care about is getting our little hands on the collection. All over the world wide webs today, fashion site after fashion site posted the rundown of every piece and its price. This will come in handy for people like myself, who actually plan on being insane and showing up before doors open Nov 15. I'm mostly after the accessories/shoes- beyond thrilled they decided to redo some stuff from the faceless watch series and the bags inspired by leather gloves from forever ago. I'm also super intrigued by the oversized jeans. I might have to try for those too...there's always returning/ebay. Speaking of which, there's somehow already stuff for sale up there.. MADNESS. I suspect PR chicks who could really use some money.


Hey guys, it's been a minute! Too much life happening I guess. Here's a few moments to fill you in sorta.

Summer came to a close. I liked wearing a jacket the first time or two. Now I miss my bare arms with the sun beating down on them. *sigh*

hat, stussy; tank, Burger and Friends; shorts, Ksubi; jacket, Zara; sunnies, Stella McCartney

I saw Jay-Z open the home of the new Brooklyn Nets. HOVA did not disappoint. I'm glad to have witnessed this man perform in my lifetime- he didn't miss a beat.

I'm grateful that my office is in one of the most thriving cultural areas of NYC, the Bowery. I get to stop by places like The Hole on my lunchbreak and peep some awesome art. Earlier this month I saw Eric Yahnker who blew me away. Check out his stuff here.

I finally hopped aboard the ombré train and did the nail thing courtesy of Valley. I'll definitely be doing variations of this again and again.

Last week I rolled out to Montauk to celebrate my girl's bday. Fall by the beach is pretty are scarecrows.

tank, Alexander Wang; pants, Ksubi; jacket, Oak; sunnies, Stella McCartney

In between

Did Margiela's team just invent a new type of body jewelry? I mean I know about these, but this doesn't require the same commitment as a piercing. Kinda weird, kinda cool.

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About a Girl

It's pretty much a guarantee at this point that I'm going to get excited over a 3.1 Phillip Lim collection. Everything the guy has done lately has been on point, and the brand gets stronger every season. NY Mag's one sentence review sums up yesterday's show perfectly: "Clothes for girls still mourning Kurt Cobain." Sooo I guess that's me.

Undercover lover

Paying homage to designer monograms in the best way possible. Well done Jun.

wallets available at oki-ni

The human race

Every season I look forward to Cheap Monday, for the clothes obviously, but also because the team at CM always hits a homerun with the venue and soundtrack for their shows. This season's was no exception, held on location at a skatepark in Stockholm at night. The music was again perfect, especially the Terminator sample at 3:02.

I gotta remember to stalk these shades next season!

Here comes the hotstepper

These lovely shoes literally caught my eye glistening in the late afternoon sun as I walked by Maryam Nassir Zadeh today. I would like my feet to have that kind of power, ya know?

shoes by Ter et Bantine


Who likes water? I like water. I like to drink it, swim in it and watch it fall from the sky. Korean designer Keenkeee thinks you should wear it too...I'm feeling that! Those tops look extra cozy too.