a NY thing

I'm so stoked to see that one of my fave NYC streetwear labels, aNYthing, decided to use Venus X for their new spring lookbook. If you haven't heard this chick's name before, LEARN IT. This Harlem native has been generating steady buzz over the past year, largely due to an underground Brooklyn warehouse party she started called GHE20GOTH1K. I went a few times last year, and let me just tell you the vibe transcends amazing. Aside from that, she produces, books DJ gigs at NY Fashion week, and is an all around badass you'll definitely be hearing more of soon. But back to the clothes....that paisley shirt is like screaming my name. Go peep the rest of the lookbook here!

Gangsta grillz

I'm getting to that point in my life where I am finally starting to look at jewelry as an "investment." Whatever that means. All I know is when I look at this oversized Givenchy shark tooth necklace, I can picture it on my future eccentric 80 year-old self.

That look

This past summer I wrote about Alice Goddard's label Lovetits that she founded with her sister Molly. Their brilliant idea of covering mesh tops with sequin shapes over the boobs has definitely resonated with me. Alice's stylist work, however, has a much different aesthetic. It's got that perfect formula of tomboy & effortless cool that's hard to pull off...can't wait to see where else this girl goes with her career. Check out more on her tumblr!

UH merica

I was originally going to be an American Gladiator for halloween last year. That didn't happen. Well the next best thing would be adding a second flag-inspired swimsuit into my collection, especially one by Jeremy Scott. Hey, I go to the beach like A LOT in the summer. Plus this can double as a bodysuit! On another note, I put up new stuff in the Mart.. go PEEP.

images via Nitrolicious

Under the Sea

The man, the myth, the legend...KARL. I don't know how he does it season after season. For Chanel's spring extravaganza he found his inspiration in a place where the sun don't shine. No, not THAT place you freak...I'm talking beyond the depths of the glistening ocean, far down where nature so elegantly takes its course. Think the fantasy of Little Mermaid meets the shimmering magic that is Glinda, the good witch from Wizard of Oz. Silvers and whites and iridescence formed the collection around a set only Karl could pull off. But beyond the clothing, the hair as an accessory, body jewelry and makeup really kicked some serious mother-of-pearl ass.

via Elle

Get up

It's a new year! Now we all have that extra kick in the butt to do the things we talked about last year but never got around to. For me that's taking a metals/jewelry class so I can learn how to cast kick-ass stuff. Artist Michelle Lopez had the brilliant idea of making these sterling silver band-aid rings...perfect for the clumsy-type with a sense of humor, aka ME.

available at Artware Editions