March 08, 2012


I dabbled in the sneakerhead society some years back, but never got like obsessed. You know those types....they'd skip eating for a week for a pair of kicks. Crazy talk. Anyway, I was reading a post on rad blog Through a Glass Darkly today, in which she references Yui, a cool blogger in Tokyo and I was reminded of Nike's Kukini model, a futuristic slip-on style that first came out in 1998. Now you're lucky if you find a few pairs floating around ebay, but after doing a quick search, I learned that Nike is releasing a new version of the Kukini this spring with an update to the sole that kind of resembles teeth. I could definitely get down with these!


Ally said...

Yui is so amazing and I really miss her posts. These Nikes are so so cool, I love sneakers but haven't gotten super into them either (beyond standard New Balance and Adidas Gazelles anyway) but I would love a pair of crazy hi tech Nikes like Yui. Tommy from This Is Naive also wears some great futuristic Nike sneakers if you are looking for any more inspiration.

Andrew said...

down for some sneakers

Wends said... know, lately i have been spotting sandal sneakers on older aged gentleman and find them curiously intriguing @_@